• I hear ya!!! I live in Canada and its been -35 -40 for the last 2 weeks!!! I say bring it on!
  • You're not alone.I don't believe that BS either.
  • I don't believe in that anyway. In the northern states they have blizzards EVERYWHERE and some states are at WAY below 0. How do you people live like that. Dang, it's about 20 here with VERY strong winds and I am about to freeze to death.. That is why I no longer live in NE and KC, MO. Stay warm
  • You're right on!! The earth's climate breathes, just like you and me in a sense. It get's warmer, it get's colder. There is no such thing as a perfect temperature.
  • Just a few short years back it was a new Ice Age problem we needed to be concerned with. Don't believe the hype. It's about politics not science. No clear thinking, reasonable, person expects you to accept Global Warming or Climate Change or any of the other BS du jour as fact. Al gore is a moron. How did the UN IPCC reports become the gold standard for documenting global warming if there are so many doubters? Because non-scientist policy-makers have the final say on what scientific conclusions and policies are included and UN claims of scientific support are highly exaggerated. The Senate report quotes one Nobel-winning scientist as saying, "I am a skeptic . . . global warming has become a new religion." A climate expert says the debate now follows "a fundamentally unscientific approach,"while a former IPCC member says the climate change models used to project global warming changes are only useful in "explaining climate changes after the fact." Another former IPCC member is now undertaking a "detailed assessment" of how the IPCC policy-makers "distorted the science" when drafting its policy document.
  • Global warming doesn't cause just universal warming across the planet. The predictions are for more variability in the weather, increased number and strength of storms, and in general more violent weather, because there's more energy (in the form of heat) driving it.
  • Give me some snow !!! Please !!!!!
  • We could use a healthy dose of "Global Warming" ... and could have for the past couple of years. . Anthropogenic Global Warming zealots such as Al Gore really need to examine their phony "theory" a little more closely. It does not square with the facts. . In the mean time, we have the thugs in Congress caving in to environmental special interests so that incandescent lamps will soon be illegal, and expensive & DANGEROUS compact fluorescent lamps are forced down the gullets of the American public ... fattening the coffers of Philips and General Electric, just for starters. Consumer choice is thrown to the dogs. . And of course the GE-owned NBC propaganda machine keeps promoting this crap, so that the criminals at GE can profit from increased wind turbine sales and other key environmentally-driven profit centers. . STOP THE INSANITY!
  • This question is right on par with the ones that ask "why does evolution say we came from monkeys?" "Global warming" does not mean that the whole planet is suddenly a tropical beach. Global warming refers to the OVERALL increase in average temperature year round across the globe. There is no doubt that the average temperature of the planet is increasing. It is something that is actually measured and nobody who can read a thermometer disputes. Where the dispute lies is what causes it and how much damage it will do. According to scientists who believe global warming is dangerous, drastic changes in weather, like lots of snow in the Northwest actually fit into the theory.
  • Because the correct term is "human induced climate change," which includes warming in some spots, and cold trends in others. Thanks for providing evidence to support this theory.
  • Not me. Al Gore and governments around the globe would love you to believe in such hoax to control your brain. Their solution to the hoax is for people to become addicted to PROZAC and a mental retard. My 2 cents.
  • The North Pole has open water in the summer. Villages and towns in Alaska are having to relocate because the permafrost is melting. Polar bears are having problems because the pack ice they usually hunt on is breaking up. The glacial ice shelves in Antarctica are breaking. They are receding now, where they had been advancing for the last 200 years. Penguins are dying because their territories are melting. Animals and plants are moving towards the poles at the rate of around six kilometers a decade. This is because warming is allowing them to range more to the poles and still find food, shelter, reasonable temperatures, and water. Precipitation is increasing in some areas and drought in others. Those, too, are signs of global warming.
  • Global warming ACTUALLY causes global cooling. DUH! Don't you know ANYTHING?? : )
  • As the planet warms, storms will become more severe. A warmer planet will result in greater extremes (ie, more snow, stronger hurricanes, etc).
  • well for the past 3 years here in MD weve had like NO snow, you guys keep stealing all thecold air lol. I wouldn't call it global warming, just a changing weather pattern. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be careful about pollution.
  • We are currently in an Ice Age. It has been a cyclical phenomenon for at least the last 450,000 years. We happen to be nearing the end of the current minimum cycle. The mean that the massive Ice sheets may begin growing soon. In the past, according to Ice Core samples, the temperature has risen sharply just before the Ice begins to build up. The graphs are freely available here: Pay special attention to the graph titled "Ice Age Temperature Changes about half way down the graph". There is now new information that we may have delayed the onset of the next glacial maximum. Here is a link:
  • I believe that it is supposed to produce climate changes everywhere but, in some areas, colder instead of warmer. Kind of rearranging things. But, as far as man made???? The earth has been going through changes since it was the earth. However, we have definitely caused polution that was not here before. Just look at the trees along the side of the roads as opposed to trees further in. The ones along the road get poisoned. We have truly messed up the balance of nature. But, whatever the changes will be, that's what will be and what we will have to deal with. Those who are left.
  • Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
  • The polar ice cap is disappearing, the hole in the ozone layer is growing--a lot of the weird weather we've been getting lately is part of cycles that are rewinding. It's hard to think of global warming when you're under three feet of snow, but it's all supposed to be a part of the trend. We lucked out down here in Florida as far as hurricanes this year, I hope this year will be the same--that's supposed to be patr of it, too--more frequent and stronger hurricanes.
  • The climate changes, it always has and always will. The key is that mankind has little or no bearing on this. The earth warms and cools, each in different locations at times and also at times as a whole. The particular weather or weather patterns in any geographic region at any given point in time is purely anecdotal, whether it be ice melting at a pole, or snow in Oregon.
  • I'm not trying to be sarchastic but with only 100 years of real weather data out of about 4000 years of recorded history I'm just not ready to accept the first sales pitch that comes along.

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