• the answer to this is quite simple. stop it at the source! i.e. stop fake baking. it's bad for your health.
  • Just think how unattractive you'll be when you're 40 and you look like you're 60. That will make your little bunny tail issue pale in comparison.
  • If the white circle is where your cocyx (butt-bone) can be felt, it's probably a temporary discoloration caused by the pressure of your weight pressing that spot against the tanning bed. When circulation returns, the spot should go away. Is it still there an hour later?
  • You need to lie on your stomach part of the time and maybe on your side. I use to get the same thing when I use to tan.
  • I actually haven't seen the circle you're asking about, but a friend of mine has a problem with little white "half-moons" just under her butt. You don't notice it until she bends over...then its HILARIOUS! Maybe some duck tape would work??? About your question, I personally have no experience in a tanning bed. I get more than enough sun while I mow my 4 acres, plus my Mom's 7 acres. I use as much SPF as I can & still get more than enough tan.
  • it is the way you lay in it lay flat, not with your legs bent up . or lay half the time on your stomach, but if you do this you will miss out on part of your facial tanning time. and tanning in a tanning bed is actually healthier than tanning outside. and there are new tanning beds that are for removing wrinkles and sun spots plus acne. so stop your nonsense tanning beds control the amount of uvb rays hitting your body, these are the damaging rays. while uva help you tan, and are not damaging.
  • It's hard to say for sure without a photo. (Sounds of deep breathing)
  • yeah if you want color head out to the beach and spend some time outside. using a tanning booth is dangerous. a friends mother lost her left brest to skin cancer caused by tanning booths. bad news bears o_0

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