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  • I don't know that either one has any greater odds. If one person has it, they can give it just as easily as get it from their partner. It's just another reason to know very well who you have that type of sex with. Some STD's are not curable. They are with the person for life.
  • It depends... in most cases it is going to be the person performing the oral sex... because those types of infections tend to stem from and flare up around the genitals. However, there are many STD's that can just as easily be passed from the mouth to another person via their genitals. Gonnorhea is a prime example of this- it's not uncommon for people to get gonnorheal infections in their throat. Herpes can also pass this way. Now something like HIV is a different story... while it's technically POSSIBLE to be infected by receiving oral sex the chances are ridiculously small. There is a bit of a higher chance for the person who is performing the oral sex... particularly if they swallow the ejaculate.

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