• how big of a wimp do you think that would make the president look? leaving because of a thrown shoe? His reflexes were pretty good. he was not under serious threat. I'm sure the arab reporters were thoroughly searched and all meassures were taken to prevent anything more threatening than a shoe to come in contact with the President.
  • Lol he may be the worst president ever but he can dodge shoes like the Matrix!
  • deleted because of nutty,crazy TROLLS...........
  • I think that in Iraq, after what we've caused in the past five and a half years, a thrown shoe or two is considered to be pretty much as good as it's going to get for W. (This is not to downplay how horrible it must have been for many under Saddam, but are we going to invade every tinpot dictator that we don't like? In that case, when do we hit Zimbabwe?)
  • I too wondered where the Secret Services was when I watched the video on the news. Only one came to shield the President and he was shooed off by Mr. Bush, and a couple went after the reporter on the 2nd shoe, but they were all slow in reacting in my opinion.
  • Although I am not much a Bush fan-he is still our President. What bothered me is that the journalists were more interested in getting the photo rather than stepping in. Your right-what were the sercret service doing???
  • The Secret Service were enjoying the moment.... wouldn't you?
  • I think it happened too quickly for anyone to react to it. But damn, George does have some quick reflexes. He was smiling right after it happened. I wonder if he was thinking.. "Did that guy really just throw his shoe at me?"
  • I don't think the Secret Service care that much about Bush anymore or at least they sure didn't act like it. Actually I think everyone was just caught off guard, but when any President is in a war torn foreign country that is when he needs to be protected the most. I wasn't for Bush, but I don't want to see any American President hurt. Do Arabs really think that Americans cringe when shoes are thrown at us? Don't they realize we laugh at stuff like that?
  • It was maxwell smart's shoes and he had an important phone call for Bush,the first shoe was a dropped call, the second one said "Can you hear me now"?
  • evidence of weapons of mass destruction! it took everyone by surprise, but now we have confirmation. shoe in yo face attack.
  • Secret service agents should have immediately given their shoes to Bush to throw back. GWB did a good job ducking them, must have had a lot of experience in shoe fights, probably with the wife. Even Bill Gates couldn't duck a pie in the face.
  • How dare the Secret Service allow W to lose face like that! hee-hee. What they should have done was ignore the fact that everyone in the room had been searched, metal detected and probably sniffed for explosives. Then as soon as this sorry fool starts flinging his loafers they should have barrelled over all the other journalists, who were already kicking the guy's ass, and beat the bastard down like they were some freaking rapper's posse. "Spread eagle beeyotch!" Not exactly an image you want running on every Arab TV channel. I can almost see the opening. "Jack-booted thugs pummel dissident journalist" They should have frog-marched him out of there in shackles beating him with truncheons on their way to some quality time in a dungeon before a quick dip in an industrial shredder. That's how we dealt with... Oh wait... that was another time. In another place. Damn I'm old.
  • I'm sure everyone not native to the culture, not intuitively aware of what kind of insult that is, was just too confused to process it.
  • Hmmm, not bad,hey fella toss the other one up here.
  • That kind of security is only utilized when he is amongst friends and supporters. Go figure.
  • Hey I think he dodged that shoe pretty good and actually I am glad that the secret service didnt jump in and do something..come's a pair of shoes..I love that bush showed a sense of humor about it..we are americans..we have learned to find humor in such things..when it aint funny..we will shoot..LMAO :)
  • They did throw him to the ground, it took them 5.5 seconds, they clocked it before they tackled him, I watched the news this morning and they replayed it a million times

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