• They have special ovens. You don't. Agreed.
  • not at all! your either turning your oven too high or cooking it too long. if the setting of the temp is just right and your cooking it for the right time then the oven itself just heats up quicker. keep your eye on the rolls next time, when they turn golden brown they're done lol.
  • A little secret, PRE-HEAT the oven. Not just for 5 minutes but at least 20 minutes.
  • Not impossible, challenging maybe. You could set the timer for a couple minutes ahead of when they should be done and watch them.
  • too hot an oven for too long a time. less heat and time.
  • I've never burned them, ever.
  • I just eat them raw. Solves the whole issue.
  • You have to actually watch the things. Are you watching them? You can't just set the timer and leave, not only for Pillsbury rolls, but for scratch cooking too. Every oven is just a little different. Just because the dial says 400 degrees, that doesn't mean the actual temperature IS 400 degrees. So if the package directions say 15 minutes, set it for 12 and check them when it goes off. If they need another minute, let them go another minute and WATCH THEM. As soon as they are browned nicely, get them out. Also, as Martha Stewart said above, preheat the oven. You want it to be a steady temperature. And be aware that things that contain sugar burn more easily.
  • I sometimes burn them... But I find that if you take them out or turn the oven off when they get nice and golden... they cook the rest of the way without burning
  • yes! those stupid things are retarded.i think they make it that way so you have to buy more and then realize that the instructions on the box are way off haha
  • It's been awhile since I've used them but I don't ever remember burning them. Is your oven properly calibrated? Do you have a thermometer that shows the exact temperature? That might help you be accurate.
  • I use those new silicone baking trays it seems to help. And never let them cook as long as they say. I cut it by about 2 minutes.
  • I have an electric oven and things don't bake very evenly. I put an insulated baking sheet on the rack below what I'm baking and it makes a big difference. Things cook more evenly and don't burn on the bottom. Do your rolls burn on the top or the bottom. If on the top, bake them more in the middle of the oven. You can always just lower the temp. and watch them more closely. Don't go by their baking times...adjust as you see how they're baking.
  • yes unless i place my 8x8 glass pyrex baking dish filled with water on the lower baking rack. i have an oven that doesn't cook evenly, and this tends to help when baking
  • No just take them out earlier. have you checked the temperature of your oven I don't mean the dial I mean put a thermometer in it. Is everything else coming out right? Try taking them out 5 minutes earlier, or setting the temperature 25 degrees less.

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