• Balut, bat paste, casu marzu, fugu fish, Rocky Mountain oysters, Surstromming, Hakarl, Tuna Eyeballs, Nakji, A-ping, Haggis, Ikizikuri, Escamoles, Shirako, White ant eggs soup, Jellied moose nose, Boshintan, Mongolian Boodog, sheep's head, Stink heads, Are you up for it? I may add to this!
    • Ice man
      That's exactly what I was looking for and yes, I'm up for it ! But, do you really expect them to eat all that in one sitting ?
    • Linda Joy
      Rules are rules! At least one bite of each! And we can always invite a few other politicians to help!
    • Ice man
      Oh my, what a splendid idea ! I'm on my way to a funeral, but I'll get started as soon as I get back. Okay?
  • whatever they want to eat

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