• About as much as he values me.
  • By telling him as often and as much as I can and then backing up my words with actions that prove it.
  • A MILLION cents and more on the dollar!
  • More precious to me than anything in the world.
  • I believe the expression is "Worth more that rubies or pearls."
  • I value him by letting him know I appreciate him, doing things to make him happy, and showing my love.
  • If it were by the pound I'd be really rich.
  • In terms of feelings....Very very much!
  • Euros? ;-)
  • I figure he's worth as much as I'd sue over if he were wrongfully killed. So mine is worth at least 10 million. In terms of emotional value, he's priceless. <3
  • Arisztid Means more to me than life itself. And more than any other's. Means more to me than all the world's riches. And more than those in the universe. Without him, I would not love. Nor would I care. Without him, I would not laugh. Nor would I try. Without him, I would not feel. Nor could anyone help. Arisztid is my reason for being. I make sure he knows. Arisztid is the center of my world. I make sure and show him. Arisztid is my anchor in life. And I love him.
  • By how well she performs in bed...lmao, jk. By how much she loves me. =D
  • Sometimes not as much as he deserves. :(
  • Yes, I attempt to express that with words or deeds. Hoping he knows.....I do not only value our relationship but also his life, time, and feelings.
  • I weigh her, then convert that to the price gold is going for.
  • In Mexican Pesos - in this economy, one of those is about $25 USD
  • don't have one
  • By her/his characters.
  • Very highly =]
  • By telling her every day that I love her and that my life would not be the same without her. By listening to her when I would rather not. By taking care of our three children after I come home from work and see that she has had a rough day. By doing things around the house when she asks. By making love to her with tenderness and love - and even though she has always told me that she thinks she should be open to sex whenever I need it, I try to read her signals so that I am not pushing when she "is not in the mood." By not taking it personally when she is not in the mood. By bringing her flowers or a little gift for no apparent reason. By biting my tongue when her dad and saying nothing when her dad blames me that my partner and I are not married. (We have been together ten years, have three children and although we are, for the most part, pretty traditional, we have BOTH agreed that we don't want to be married. Still, he blames me.) By remembering that there is nothing I can do for my gf that will ever repay her for the love and patience and tenderness and kindness that she has shown me. How do I "value" her? By never forgetting that, whatever happens, that I am the luckiest and happiest man on Earth - and that I owe it all to her and the gift of three beautiful little children that she gave me.
  • Very highly. We are getting married on May 6 this year.

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