• No, but I just try to remember it is only once a year for a couple of hours. Last year the boss was so busy he just bought gift certificates for everyone to buy their own gift and a gift certificate to a nice restaurant so we could go out and eat. It was WONDERFUL!!
  • NOoooo! i cant stand the hypocrisy,and never turn up!
  • No. Funny how some people act so differently when they are with their S/O's and drinking. And I'm sick of the same boring music that is always played.
  • No, I won't go to them after the first one. I work with too many men and a lot of drinking goes on and alcohol and men make for a lot of hand and face slapping.
  • I never go to any of the parties hosted by work. I have better things to do with my time.
  • Yup - the open bar gets me every time ;-)
  • I love them!!! who is going to be the drunk dumb ass, the drunk fighter, the drunk lover..who is it going to be:):)LOL:)
  • If theres free booze,hell yea!!!
  • Yes, I think they are a great idea.
  • Not in this economy. They should spend party money on charity.
  • Sorry assed excuses for not giving out a real christmas Bonus is what they are! Cheap and Cheesey and makes me madder than Clark Griswold at seeing his membership into the jelly of the month club!
  • Funny you should mention that. I had mine tonight. Let's just say... I've been to better parties....
  • Not really, it's been years since I attended any work party at christmas. I remember parties that were meant for employees only, no spouses and an open bar. Very interesting to see who left with who. It was actually kind of sad, one guy had a very bad accident on the way home. I was pretty young back then and was shocked that the older married friend that I rode down with didn't drive me home like she said she would, she took off with a guy we worked with and left me to find my own ride back. The company I work for now doesn't have parties like that. Our little group goes out to lunch or dinner, our manager takes us to a nice restaurant.
  • G'day Stillme, Thanks for your question. I ended up with three books at mine yesterday. We had a very nice office lunch yesterday at a Canberra pasta place. Hope you have had or will have a nice party. Regards
  • It's called a holiday event and I try to be otherwise engaged on that night.
  • My boss had everyone vote on: 1) spending less money for the Christmas Party by having catered at the office (luncheon) - then take extra monies in the form of a bonus or 2) have outside work @restaurant, etc..(after hours)and no bonus. Unanimous vote for #1 - Guess what? No more mention of bonus or a bonus check. While I really appreciate any money spent on me, I dont like being mislead. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  • The only thing I like is you get to dress up.
  • Actually I don't. I try my best to avoid them every year.
  • I've only been invited to one, which unfortunately I couldn't make, so I may be wrong; but I liken Christmas parties to weddings of people you don't know very well - and I've done those. They are AWESOME. Everyone starts off incredibly reserved, but when they're coaxed out of their shells hilariousness ensues.
  • Not really. You end up with all those people you have to "put on a good face to" and are expected to celebrate as yourself. This includes bosses, people who are trying to get your job, people whose job you are trying to get, people who have wronged you and to whom you usually don't speak except about business matters, etc. This spoils whatever joy is in the Holidays.
  • Yes, we had a good one yesterday. Good appetizers and prizes.
  • I usually have a good time at them. They can be a little stiff, but you just have to make sure you sit with the fun people :)
  • Sure do nothing better than a bunch of cemetery workers getting together at Christmas time....and Funeral home workers & monument home owners etc Hey we are a lively bunch of people...LOL We have a great dinner and exchange gifts every yr and the jokes well lets just say most people would not understand them, the humor is alittle strange to say the least but we have fun its like one big family, we have all been working together for many yrs.
  • Not really.... Here you sit with the folks at work... Just gives me the urge to get some work done... kind of an odd feeling... "could you please pass the "Bradley" file?... I mean "ketchup?"
  • No I cant stand them, I dont go anymore. Its easy to get out of seeing as its hosted off the property and there are 3 of them to accomodate all shifts and all days off.
  • You've got to be kidding.

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