• Wow, what a tough question. I don't know if I could tell either of my parents if the other was in love with someone else. I would probably talk first to the "in love" parent. If that failed, I probably would tell the other parent.
  • This answer could be a home-wrecker and is a very, very delicate situation. First, do you know this as a fact and not a suspicion? we are talking about possibly destroying someones life here. Second, how old are you? do you live at home with both your parents? are you in the middle? are you male or female? Please answer the above questions, before a further answer.
  • This is a fact. I am 27. I do not live at home. I am feeling in the middle because other people know (my sister, my husband, my mother & father-in-law, my friend, some of my mom's friends)- that my mom is in love with someone else, I do not want my dad to be the last one to know. My mom does not want me to tell my dad. They are not divorced. My mom is trying to get a divorce though. I am female. To make it worse, I do not approve of the guy my mom is in love with. I could explain the reasons if needed.
  • I have always made an effort to stay out of my parents relationship. It just seems like it's not my business to get involved. I also think that they appreciate that respect.
  • You are at least an adult and not a child. you are stuck in the middle and really, your age does not matter. it still hurts. Daughters love thier dad and this has got to be very painful for you. How has this secret been kept from your dad all this time? men usually know when cheating is occuring. how does the whole know this and he does not, or does he? The unknown has gone on way too long. your mother is the one to tell your dad. she is married to him, she is the one cheating, she is the one. its not your responsibility to break this news to your dad. If your dad does not already have suspicions, after the news is broken, you be there for him. he is going to need your support in the worst way. watch your dad for any unusual signs of emotional stress. some people take bad news better than others. be prepared. Your mom has made this mess. Let her deal with it.
  • First of all, I need you to answer a couple of questions: 1.) Are your parents still married? 2.) Are your parents separated? 3.) How do you come to know that your mother is in love with someone else? If your parents are no longer married or separated, it really isn't your father's business. However, sure, tell him. If they are still together and this is an extra-marital affair, confront your mother and encourage her to tell your father. If she refuses, then - yes - tell him yourself.
  • Stay out of it

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