• No. Hell does not likely exist.
  • If I'm wrong and there is a hell, and soldiers go to hell for killing then I wonder if I go to hell for fixing the jets that carried the bombs. Would I be guilty by proxy? Well god does have a hard on for war, so soldiers probably get the best rooms in heaven.
  • of course yu will. killing is against the bible.
  • Very interesting question, I guess it depends but I see the point you were trying to make. Why is one sin justified and another is not.
    • Jessica
  • not if you ask for forgiveness, besides death in war is different than murder.
  • I don't think a "supposed" loving God would send anyone to Hell but killing is wrong no matter how you want to look at it and it should always be viewed as wrong no matter how it's looked at.
  • Good news = There's no hell Bad news = When you die - there's nothingness
  • Will they repent for their sins?
  • I think almost all wars are unjust and immoral. I think God's judgement depends on your motivation. Some soldiers are genuine patriots who have no desire to take life. They believed all the justifications their government gave them. I think God quickly forgives people who "know not what they do". Some know in their hearts the war is unjust but choose to wash their hands of the moral responsibility. They say to themselves "I'm just following orders. It's not on me." Some soldiers are just killers. They are not serving anything. They have always wanted to kill and war is just the license they've always been looking for. These people are in trouble whether the war was justified or not.
  • Yes. God is a murderer too. He's going to hell.
  • I don't necessarily believe in "Hell" per se, but if I did, I'd contend that we each have our own personal hell to contend with after we die. I guess it would depend on whether or not the individual had done so out of a sense of duty or if the individual had done so out of hatred for his perceived enemy; depend on whether or not the individual were spiritually conflicted when he or she died.
  • No because soldiers do not choose this>

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