• Your company should have a human resources department. Try calling them, and either they will be able to handle your complaint, or they will direct you to someone who can.
  • That's a difficult situation. My advice... 1) Speak to your boss first. 2) If that doesn't work, speak to his boss. To find out who is higher than your boss you could always contact Human Resources. Its difficult to say who your bosses boss is without knowing the type of business and its management structure.
  • Contact the Human Resources (HR) Department to find out who is more senior than your boss. They should be able to deal with it, or direct you onto someone who can.
  • I would contact Head Office.
  • If your boss is unapproachable in regards to your concerns, just remember, everyone has a boss. Go to his or her boss or as others said "Human Resources."
  • I don't know where you work but for me my boss is the BOSS he owns the company so if I have a problem I either have to deal with it or quit.

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