• From what I've seen so far, some people get a ton of points for flagging spam. I did, this weekend.
  • not sure, sometimes i say things that i think people are gonna get mad about and i get 50 points within an hour. its very unpredictable.
  • These people do a lot of flagging.
  • I go in streaks...sometimes I spend too much time and then I disappear for depends on how much work I have to do...also....I do not have a life....LOL....I thought I did but I was wrong....found out today......oh yes, today an old question came up and since there were not many answers the first time around, mine got I got over 30 points in 10 minutes.....
  • YO!!! This isn't a point thing. If someone tells you they appreciated your answer but didn't give you a point, should it matter? If you get a good answer why does that matter? Do you take the time to say thanks, or are you just looking for points to your question? This is simply a fun way to meet people and get divergent points of view.
  • My guess is they're plugged into something like the matrix.
  • It's not just the amount of time spent but the quality of your submissions and also, quite honestly, your being here long enough to have friends who are on the lookout for those submissions. As someone stated, moderating also plays a part but there are several Community Leaders who get lots of points each week and aren't allowed to moderate. I find that points come to me the fastest when I'm not focused on them. That also makes my time here much more enjoyable.
  • no some of us don't but I get a lot of my points from moderation. On the weekend especially late at night spam and BOTS are rampant. I got over 200 moderation points just flagging spam. the person had at least 10 accounts..asking the same question and answering it with the spam link.. that's 10-20 points per question per user name. Doesn't take long When you are here long enough you realize what is spam and what is duplicates and all.
  • can't speak for anyone else, but me? no, i don't have a life. i go to work, come home, web surf, sleep, go to work, come home, web surf, contemplate suicide, sleep, etc, etc, etc.
  • Usually the people higher up do a lot of moderation. I dont, but i am not very far for how long i have been here. If you ask some good questions you will still be getting points for them years later. And you meet people on the same levels as you. The higher up you get, the more points you give eachother. Right now i can +6. You will be the same if you get to the higher levels.
  • I had a life once, but I didn't like it. I love answering questions, and I give the best answers I know how, so I see points accruing on answers that are years old. I am a stay at home worker, and I go online part of every waking hour, between noon and 2 am or 3 am and answer questions. I also receive a lot of points from flagging duplicate, spam, and wrong category questions.
  • Hell BF I can't tell you. Somedays I get 200+ and today 20. All I can give you is 4 so that shows you I don't know. But I do give people I seen give good answers more points than others.
  • BF I'm on my laptop and don't have your email on it. They replace part of my shoulder tues dec 16 about noon. I'm at Mayo's in Rochester, MN

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