• I was saved by a friend when I was about 11. I though ti was dead. In fact, I had given up and had peacefully resigned myself to dying. I have not feared death ever since.
  • When I was in 7th grade I got really light headed in the water and started to really struggle and was sinking. A friend of mine grabbed me and helped me over to the side. I hate swimming to this day, but I'm very thankful to my friend.
  • I saved my sister once when we were about 10. She drifted over to the deep end of the pool. Although drowning is my biggest fear and I can't really swim somehow I made it over her..and made it back.
  • It was either last year or earlier this year that i saved a kid about 5 or 6 from drowning. It scared me but i was very happy to have been next to him.
  • I saved somebody from drowning before. It was in the Winter, and I was playing on the ice, on the river with my friend. I guess we were pretty stupid though, lol. There was one of those huge sewer pipes, and it was warm near it so the ice was melted, leaving a pool of water, and my friend went right on the edge of it, and wouldn't you know it, the ice under her feet broke. She fell in, I ran right over there and pulled her out, but it took a little while. I was having trouble yanking her out, she was freaking her out and her soaked jacket made her twice as heavy, and the ice could have easily broke under my feet like it did with her. Luckily it didn't though, which is surprising because her and me was a lot of weight for the ice to handle after it just ruptured from just her. So I managed, then we ran off of the river. She was all wet, so we went to warm and dry her up at a youth club we often went to. More fear than harm, but thinking back on it today, we coulda both died lol. I don't even know how to swim. >_>
  • I got saved by a lifeguard when I got caught in a riptide. It was a good thing he was paying attention or I probably wouldn't be here. :)
  • Yes. My step-daughter.
  • I saved a friends little sister when I was about 11 or 12. She was trying to make it to the side of the pool and didn't. All the bigger kids where playing on the other side of the pool. The only reason I saw her is because I had to get out to use the bathroom. If I had been a normal 11 or 12 years old I would have peed in the pool and she might have drowned. Sounds funny, but it's true.
  • I saw a cat being swept downriver during a spring flood. The current was too fast and he couldn't make it to shore so I jumped in and swam out and grabbed him. It took me 1/2 of a mile before I could get back to shore because the current was so fast. I don't know where the cat was swept away from but he lives with me now. He is laying by the woodstove sleeping as I type this.
  • I have been saved from drowning and nEVer will forget! I was only 3, but i remember it well. We were on vacation, everyone had gotten out of the pool and went in. My dad and grandfather were sitting at the table talking, and supposedly watching me. I had floaties on, but they had worked their way off. I slowly went to the botttom of pool, but for some reason i didnt become panicky! My dad jumped in and saved me, of only takes a second to take an eye off a child in the water!!! But i never have been afraid of the water. In fact i love the water, im a water sign!!
  • When I was 14 I was in a swim meet and came into the wall wrong on the deep end--My uncle came in and pulled me out. I blacked out for a short time but didn't stop breathing.
  • one time when i was a kid i was swimming under water in the lazy river at a water park. i used to like going under water to see how long i could go and how much distance i could cover before i really needed to come up for air. i stayed under until i really needed air and as i came up i realized someone was floating right above me in a tube and didnt know i was there. the current was pushing us both at the same speed so i couldnt stop and wait for him to pass me, and i panicked because i ran out of breath so i tried to force my way up to the top. i had to spring off of the ground like 5 times to knock his tube over slightly, already light headed and feeling like i was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. luckily, there was a little kid on the tube and he was light enough for me to lift the tube enough to get to the surface. when i finally got my breath and my head together i realized his dad was screaming his guts at me and was very pissed off. the ironic thing was he said "hes just a kid. he cant swim. what if he fell off and drowned?" i was like 7 and i WAS drowning, wtf can i say? i couldnt even respond to him because i felt like i was going to pass out.
  • I was at a pool at a hotel once and a man jumped in with his two little girls, one on each arm. Where he jumped in was where the bottom dropped off and the water got deep but it wasn't marked. His feet went down and he was a couple of feet from the side so he couldn't hold on. And he couldn't let go of the girls. He bobbed like a couple of times and yelled. No one else seemed to notice so I reached in and grabbed him and pulled him to the side.
  • I was saved once. My sister lived two hours away then and she is about 13 years older than me so sometimes when she came to visit she would bring me and my yuonger brother (10 days less than a year younger), back with her to stay for the weekend. Considering me and my brother were still kids than and she was an adult she wanted to keep us occupied. Anyways, so once when her husband was off from work she decided that the four of us would go swimming. They lived in an apartment that had a pool and the pool was empty at that time so we went. We ended up playing some kind of ball game and anyways I ended up going a little to far into the deap end (note: I could not swim well then nor can I now). Short story short, my brother in law ended up saving me. Pretty scary moment for me. I kept thinking, I'm going to drown, I'm drowning.
  • Yes, 4 but only two had to be revieved using mouth to mouth. But all made it.
  • I was a lifeguard for three years. I only had to save one child and it was more about preventing her from panicking then truly having to revive her.

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