• you get grants and loans and you I and many others have had to.. If you wish not to go thr loan route I hope you get a scholarship or have rich family.
  • Find a job that leads into what you want to d, if possible, but if you can't, then take anything you won't be ashamed of later. Lots of us worked sales jobs through school and that never bothered our (future) employers. If they saw we were making an honest buck to get through school, they took it as a good sign, even if it wasn't in our field.
  • first, work really really hard to get a scholarship. live at home if you can, otherwise live in the dorms (cheaper than apartments). if you do live in an apartment, the cheapest ones are the ones with several roommates. get a job on campus. these jobs are usually paid more than minimum wage and are very convinient. i worked catering on campus, and scored tons of free meals. belong to a student organization that feeds you. if you are religious and away from home, most churches in college towns have a sort of student sponsorship program, where they match you with a family that will feed you once a week or so, in addition to meals at church. start saving your money now. work now if you have the time, and save your money!
  • The old fashioned way. I worked part time jobs and summers. I did 5 years of University and ended up with a few bucks in my pocket!

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