• I think it depends on the duration or length of the act you want to convey in your text. A "glance" for example, is quick in nature, "look" may imply that it lasted longer and "stare" may be used for implying a long look.
  • A 'glance' infers much more longing and passion, an attraction and an almost intimate moment between to people who might otherwise be strangers still to each other. A 'glance' seems shyer and its expression less decipherable than a 'look'
  • yes glance is correct
  • 1) Some examples: "We went in to supper; and, half way through, I, half mad by then, for her glance had answered mine, [...]" "But suddenly, involuntarily, she gave me one brief glance" " “Ah, I see,” Harold nodded, following her glance with his own. " "She'd be looking up from her coffee cup And through the steam I can see her glance away" 2) "In the Islamic faith, Muslims often lower their gaze and try not to focus on the opposite sex's faces and eyes after the initial first eye contact, other than their legitimate partners or family members, in order to avoid potential unwanted desires. Lustful glances to those of the opposite sex, young or adult, are also prohibited. This means that eye contact between any man and woman is allowed only for a second or two. This is a must in most Islamic schools, with some exceptions depending on the case, like when teaching, testifying, or looking at a girl for marriage. If allowed, it is only allowed under the general rule: "No-Desire," clean eye-contact. Otherwise, it is not allowed, and considered "adultery of the eyes." In many cultures it is respectful to not look the dominant person in the eye, but in Western culture this can be interpreted as being "shifty-eyed," and the person judged badly because "he wouldn't look me in the eye." " Source and further information:

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