• Pay attention. Bush has been phoning it in for a while now.
  • I don't see it as bizarre. The governors have had nearly 8 years to wear down Bush's ear with their ideas and/or complaints. If they have something new to tell him, they have been missing their opportunities over that time. But in 6 weeks Obama is going to walk into the White House. Do you want him to walk in and *then* to say "What the hall should I be doing"? Wouldn't it be better if he can "hit the ground running" - if he has already been briefed by the Governors of the state what their problems are? He has been getting briefings in Foreign affairs since just after the election - why shouldn't he get briefings on internal affairs. No-one is suggesting that he is going to start issuing orders (as far as I know), but it is surely better to be prepared. Otherwise the whole sack of troubles would land on his desk on 20th January in one big lump, and he wouldn't even have the information to prioritise the problems, let alone solve them. Transitions should not be a big bang: sudden changes harm everybody. Bush has, correctly, stated his intention to smooth the process of changeover as much as he can: this is part of that process.
  • It makes sense. They are looking toward the future Rosie and Bush is gone in a month.
  • Obama is change nothing is standard and he is going to do what he is going to do whatever that menas for the country good or ill. You guys wanted change well you got it uncertainty is assured with change and Obama has little real experience. It is my believe he will be played big time since his intentions are honest or they are supposed to be if he is honest he will get played like a violin and we will pay.
  • ...but if I'm not mistaken Bush is living in just over a month. How do governors plan a wayforward with someone whose removal truck is on the drive way?
  • Hi Rosie. How are you? I think Bush is ready to move back to Texas. He'll miss the jet though.
  • I think it's great, Rosie!!! He is really preparing himself to hit the ground running next month. And it's what he needs to do. He won't need months to get the feel of things. He's doing it now. Good for him.
  • I'm only going to answer one part of your question - Where is Bush? - Does anyone really know? I think he has been MIA for years!
  • Oh, don't worry. Chenney is still in charge
  • The meeting is voluntary as Mr. Obama has no official authority to summon anyone just yet. In doing so however, certain people may elect to not attend making the content of the meeting and the others that do attend privy. Most President elects try to avoid such situations to avoid playing favorites (or the appearance of doing so) and alienating those that would have otherwise felt a part of any ideas or decisions created or presented yo...
  • (long answer) Not going to edit this. Just going to free style type .. so here it is. So many ways to answer this. Ok, I'll try to stay on one path as opposed to opening Pandora's box. :) 1) Legally, we all know Bush is in charge. Obama holds no Presidential powers until Jan 20th. 2) We also know two other things. -- a) Bush is busy doing "exit interviews" with the Press. Just saw the first one. I had all I could do not to break my television set. It was like watching Nero playing the violin as the city burned. -- b) Obama, while he more than understands that action is needed NOW .. now YESTERDAY .. has no power to do anything. I can't even imagine how it must feel to see the fires .. know the people voted for you to protect and defend .. and be able to do nothing (yet) .. even as you watch Bush do his "sign laws in his last 60 days that do yet MORE damage and raise more flames). Yikes. So given that, the notion of "hit the ground running" is more than a good idea. I'd be worried if Obama were NOT meeting with everyone he can. I've appreciated seeing announcements on his team .. done in stages .. with some thought behind them. I'm not privy to how this current Governor's meeting was set up - who will be there - or what's on the agenda. But any President needs the cooperation of the States .. in and how they interact with the Federal government. As he "hits the ground running" in January .. all the better if he has some relationships built now. If, however, the purpose of the meeting is to NOW be in sync to act NOW .. given our financial disaster? Then it's more shame on Bush if he is not there. But "inaction" domestically is par for the course. The gleam in his eye has been spending trillions of dollars on a war. They've announced now that the recession started a year ago so we're 12 months "through it". The thing that kills me is that this didn't just "appear". All eyes were elsewhere .. yet .. those we trust to lead us .. who we can assume DID understand the depth and extent of our financial spinout .. chose not to tell us. Perhaps even be "out of Dodge" before it went public? A long answer to say .. I'm glad a President elect is meeting with any and all .. getting as much info, opinions, background as possible .. checking out and assessing people at the same time. Obama will be locked down ready to say this, this this and this immediately. It's only too bad he can't do so NOW.
  • a) This is a panhandling convention and Obama showed up to pledge to give away your money. b) The giving away of your money is prioritized such that most of the tax dollars go to states which were fiscally irresponsible. c) This means your state shouldn't make any sacrifices in the future to be fiscally responsible.
  • Bush quit a while back. Obama has been working his butt off to come up with plans to solve our problems when he does step into office. All Presidents meet with the Governors ever so often to find out the needs of the different states. Obama wants all the info he can get so he can hit the ground running on Jan. 20th. Bush hasn't been in charge for some time and someone has to care and keep the country running. I hear he's been very cooperative with the transition. Probably because he can't wait to get out of there and with his approval rating, I don't really blame him.
  • Bush is running the US government, as is still his job until mid January. Nothing bizzare at all about government leaders meeting together. Happens all the time.
  • I don't know that I would categorize it as "bizarre" Rosie. Different yes. Not much like we are used to seeing from the President elect. President Bush is pretty much finished and he knows that, (No sense crying over spilt milk.), but he is still very much in charge. I have to believe, (Want to believe?), President elect Obama is trying to facilitate a smooth transition of power. Nothing more. I don't see anything sinister in his actions.
  • I read in THE WEEK that the Bush camp is quite aware of his lame duck status and just wants to get out without doing more damage, so they are pretty much cooperating and trying to facilitate a smooth transition. President Elect Obama is getting up to speed to be ready to hit the ground running.

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