• I highly doubt it, i use microsoft office and the internet, my bf plays games, i have only had it for a few months so i am sure i will learn ;0)
  • Nah, most of the crap on there ill never use anyways
  • I doubt if anyone has a processor going at 100% 24/7. However to put my slow times to good use I joined Stanford University's Folding At Home Program. It's medical research that uses a network of computers around the world. The research also eliminates the use of laboratory animals. The program works in the background, and does not interfere with other programs. You can even adjust what percentage of your processor you want it to use. It is easy to download. It's a good way to put your computer to work for a good cause.
  • Not really . Ya see I'm just passed the need for a "OH SHIT" button and now I need a "OH HELL WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO" button...... I think I need to take a class. ☺
  • No. I use it only for browsing the web. I play music while surfing the web. I use it for sending and receiving e-mails. Apart from these I don't seem to use any of the splendid features of my PC.
  • Not even the tip of the iceberg..I use it for AB..Mapquest (when we are going someplace new to us) of course..looking up something, someplace to find out more about it. That's why I'm not a fan of all the bells & whistles that come with stuff..I like simple, plain, unfancy..just what I use/need/want and nothing more, 'cause the potential is totally wasted on us! :) ((hugs))Oh..I use the word processor (outside of the internet, of course) to write letters from time to time. Jim also got me some games software which allows me to play all kinds of poker, but never online.:)
  • I doubt whether anybody uses a computer to its full potential. I use mine to organise and enhance my digital photos, to create various database applications and to produce spreadsheets for different purposes, among other things. Some examples of the databases I have set up are a database that deals with stock control, customer and supplier details, sales and purchase details and invoice production for a couple of small companies and another one that takes the scores from sports matches and produces a league table sorted by points scored, with goal difference differentiating teams with identical points. I have produced spreadsheets ranging from simple ones for friends to manage their household income and expenditure to multi-sheet spreadsheets that calculate the results of a series of handicap sailing boat races, again sorting the competitors into order from first to last at the end of the series. A thing I was particularly proud of was a set of MS Word macros that took input from a text file or Excel worksheet and converted it into the formats needed by some specialist printers that printed codes onto cable sleeves. The first month that the company used my macros they saved about 30 man hours and saved themselves from the mind-numbing boredom of incessant cutting and pasting that they had previously had to do.
  • Play huge games, Eg WOW, Warhammer
  • Well, I don't think I use it to its full potential but I store my recipes in Word folders. If I like a particular picture(for a dress or maybe a piece of furniture) I store or that too for future reference. The internet is an ocean of information but that's about it.

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