• Oh yes, I used to play trumpet, now everytime I hear a piece of music that has trumpet or any other brass instrument in it, I find myself analyzing it, looking for mistakes, or explaining what would be difficult about the music to someone else.
  • I would say your particular career knowledge could only enhance not limit ones enjoyment of a subject.
  • I have a friend in radiography who analyzes the doctor drama shows especially when they are looking at x-rays.
  • It did for me. I worked as a Reference Librarian and the last thing I wanted to do when relaxing at home was to read a book or answer questions online. I no longer have that job; therefore, I'm here.
  • I constantly criticise the unrealistic portrayal of hospital life in Holby City.
  • My siblings used to not want to eat at MCd's after working there, just too much smelling the food all the time to want it. They got over this after leaving, and now eat it with no problems. So, yes this is a phenomenon that happens.
  • Alas of my many faults. Albeit I'm sometimes aware my criticism may be unfounded.
  • I do hair, so the only time I get uppity or critical is when I happen across a stylist on TV or somewhere claiming to be the best in the world or acting horribly stereotypical or condescending. Like that awful TV show that was on Bravo, "Blow Out". Ugh! I worked for a freak like that when I first started out and cringed the first time I saw him.
  • Being a teacher by profession, I hate the way that teachers are portrayed on TV. I know I put a lot of work into my classes, to make them as interesting as possible. As a pastor's wife, ditto. Pastors are often portrayed as hypocrites, drunks or bumbling idiots. My husband is none of these. He is an educated refined man, with a deep sincere love of God and humankind.
  • I do research, so am constantly amused when asked to participate in surveys etc. It doesn't limit my enjoyment, I either pick up handy hints or think I could do a better job and wonder why I'm not earning what they are!
  • 1) do not spent so much time with work issues when not at work, so you can better relax 2) enjoy your knowledge and experience in your speciality , it will help yourself and others 3) people without deep knowledge of a subject sometimes have very interesting ideas about it, so listen 4) if you do not enjoy your job anymore, try something else
  • I'm an RN and I never get get tired of reading about medicine or surgery and never get tired of the OR. I would do this for free if I didn't need the money. I'm a very lucky girl, I decided to be an RN when I was in my late 20's, maybe early 30's; so I was late to the profession. It's great to love your work.

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