• you wouldn't be feeling anything in your stomach at this point. Too early. Your cycle could be changing. And if you were pregnant, trust me, your breasts would hurt. give it a couple days. Always wait 2 weeks after your missed period before taking a test for accurate results. it also saves money:)
  • Home Pregnancy Tests (HPT) only begin to have accuracy around a fortnight (14 days/two weeks) after conception. By that time the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) reaches a detectable level in urine. While the most likely cause of a missed/late menstruation in your case (due to your clockwork cycle) is pregnancy, this does not mean that it is for 100% certainty. The monthly cycle can be subject to 'suddenly' cease being regular due to 'unknown' reasons. Things like stress, change of diet, minor illness (cold, flu, blah) have been known to affect the period, even causing missed ones. Wait until 14 days after the last time you had sex, or the last missed period and do the test. If it comes back negative wait an additional week and test again. Some women require more time to build up registrable levels of HCG. If at that time you still have the symptoms of pregnancy but are coming back with negative HPT results, consult with a doctor this could be a sign of other 'womanly' issues.
  • I read that pregnancy symptoms are different for everyone, and that for most, breast tenderness doesn't kick in until four or five weeks along, so I'm expecting that If I am prego, I should really start feeling the symptoms this week or soon after. When I said I felt strange in my stomache, it's not i thought I felt movement, it's just more like bloated and achey, and twinges of pain. like if I were starting my period, but it hasn't come. Very strange for my cycle. Also peeing alot. I guess it's kind of silly that I'm asking, because I kind already have my mind made up that I am. lol. ;) I figure if I don't start by tomorrow, than I will be very sure that I am, as I usually am 28 days to the hour, first thing in the am. So that would make me two days late now. I'm crossing my fingers!
  • This happend to me in MAY of this year 2008 and i was six days late,so I went and got a pregancy test and was negative. my cycle is 28 to 32 days. I think this happend to me because i have a lot of stress in my life I have two young kids 2 years and 5 years old. A another way to find out if your pregant is to figure out when your first day of your last peride was. for example if your first day was on the 1st of october you would have ovulated in the 14th and if you had sex between the 14th and the 19th you mayhave conceied but if you did not then its just stress or mybe something thats going on in your life.

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