• He has 4-ever. Men produce semen by the day. You only have until menopause. I would say around 46 but the longer you wait the more complications there will be.
  • You can still get pregnant in your 30s, 40s even 50s. Meet with your doctor together to discuss both of your physical health conditions and plan together for a family. Less stress will increase your odds of conceiving and the best way to reduce stress is to be prepared - together. Best of luck. :)
  • The world's oldest father was 90 when he had his last child. The world's oldest mother was 70 when she had twins. I do NOT recommend waiting that long, but between now and 45 would be a good time. : )
  • Many women are having their first children in their forties. You will only be a family if it is what you both want.
  • If you wouldn't do it, why did you ask?
  • Bringing children into this world is a very serious decision, and certainly not one you want to make alone. From your questions here, I wonder if you need to examine the reasons you want a child. Many people do not realize the consequences of having children, and many are not good candidates for parenting. Maybe you could take a few early-childhood classes at the local college, so you know what you are getting into.
  • Average age of menopause is over fifty. You have plenty of time to learn about children, get close enough with your husband to be a family, or realize a "family" doesn't require children. (I'm really curious about the "poke holes in the condom" statement, why would it cross your mind to tell us you wouldn't? Sounds like you are inherently devious)

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