• One way would be to ask your partner and your friends in a straightforward manner, weighing in their various biases. If you feel a frightening sense of loss of independence, or if your other private and professional life suffers, that would be a hint. There really isn't enough information here to give you advice, but I'd say if you're worried about it it may be a problem, though I don't want to scare you. Avoid socially merging to the point where you dress the same and the relationship hurts or excludes other loved ones. You also don't want to OD and get sick of eachother, but other than that, if you are BOTH happy locked in a room together for all eternity, more power to you.
  • When you're starting to annoy each other and argue. It's not healthy to be joined at the hip. You both need time away from each other, in order, to pursue your own hobbies and interests. I hope this helps!
  • You really risk becoming over-invested in your relationship, putting more value on it than the rest of your life. This is called co-dependancy and can cause severe emotional and physical side effects on you down the road when your relationship becomes 'chronically co-dependant'. Women who are co-dependant usually exibit skin and stomach problems, and problems sleeping. If you see these signs down the road, bail out.
  • it probably isnt if you spend that much time together

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