• I used to, but I have a dietitian now, and she has given me guidelines that allow me to eat anything I want. The only cutting back is on the portions. I don't have to eliminate any food group, or preparation method. I can even have fries, as long as I limit myself to only 5. Why 5? Here's the conversation "Would you agree to have one fry per day? "No, I couldn't eat just one" "How about twice that, 2? "No, 2 wouldn't be enough". "Well, would you settle for 3?" "Couldn't I have at least 4?" "Yes, in fact, I'll give you a bonus and allow 5" "5, YAY".
  • Yes! Actually, did you know that sugar (which carbs reduce to when they're in your body) is a drug? Really. The definition of a drug is something that causes a physiological change in perception, mood, or behavior. Now, think back - ever have a sugar high? A sugar high is when you eat a lot of sugar and feel energetic and then likely about 20 minutes later you feel really sluggish. That's because you came down off the sugar. Get in a bad mood when you don't have enough carbs? Often people do. Thats because carbs/sugar does mimic other drugs. And, taking that into consideration, you might go easy on yourself if you're trying to cut them out. Recognize you might have cravings if you do, and come up with some alternatives to help "ride through" those cravings. Taking a walk, drinking water, and having some protein like nuts can all be good substitutes.
  • I believe carbs make you feel good because they release endorphins. I do get mild palpitations when starting a diet and stopping sweets. I am not a big person, just a few pounds over weight.
  • I definitely have that problem. The withdrawals from foods I try to cut back on or cut out (sadly, I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas AND I crave salty/savory's a curse) and the fact that I'm really impatient and don't see results immediately when I start trying to lose weight are the reasons I am seldom very successful at dieting. I'm working on it, though...trying to think of it as a "lifestyle change," which is what it should be anyway.

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