• just hear
  • my parents never listened to me, i dont even think they hear the words. doesnt matter much anymore as we no longer speak or see each other. it went past talking.
  • They listen, but its selective remembering
  • My Mother listened and then acted as if had only said the half she wanted to hear. My Father hardly appeared to be aware of my existence much less listen to me.
  • Sometimes they listen, when it's about something important.
  • My parents almost always listen to me. They raised me as a little adult, so even as a child they listened to me. Especially since I'm often right.
  • They used to listen very attentively and correct me wherever I was wrong giving full explanations as to why I was wrong. That is how I bacame what I am today. I gave the same benefit to my two children who too have benefited and are doing fine now.
  • My mom always really listened and cared about everything, no matter how small it was. My dad tried, but I think it was just harder for him to get what I saying. Miss them:(
  • Don't listen to me. That's the problem.
  • they just watch my lips move. they often talk when i'm in the middle of a sentence.
  • they start to listen buy inturupt but often they give me the worst advice. they don't know how i feel no one cares how i feel anyway!
  • My mom listens when it is what she wants to hear or something that interests her, but when it is important to me it's in one ear and out the other... My dad trys to listen and understand, but he is deaf in one ear and that makes it a little difficult for deep conversations...but at least he trys and is good at remembering dates!
  • My parents were always good at listening to me as a kid and still do as an adult.
  • my dad listens, but my mom just kinda blows whatever i say off
  • most of the time, they attempt to listen.. but the second i mention something they dont wanna hear, they freak out and leave.
  • No. I am a 12 year old boy and my mom never listens to me. When I try to talk or explain something she just interrupts and starts telling me what "SHE" thinks or what "SHE" needs. I get op mad and go to my room. Are all moms like that??? But my grand papa listens, looks at me and then we talk together about anything I want. I can tell him everything. Even the private stuff. He is so cool. Thank God for someone who listens to a kid.

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