• Unfortunately, you didn't say exactly what happens when you try to change your desktop wallpaper back, but my guess is that after you change it to what you want, it gets changed back by some unknown force. Also, what "something" did you do after right-clicking on your home page? Without knowing more details about the problem, all I can suggest is that you run virus/adware/spyware scans. The following are links to some free scanners: AVG Antivirus: Ad-aware: Spybot: Search and Destroy: Be sure to update each program before you scan with it.
  • Reboot and hit F-8 to enter safe mode. If this restarts with video, use the restore feature and restore to any day before the problem began.
  • I suspect you can use your computer fine, that the only thing that's changed is the "wallpaper", the picture on your desktop. If this is true, right click on a blank area of the desktop (space without icons or menus) and click on "Properties". That should bring up a window to change the background. There is a list of pictures which on my computer syas "Select a background picture or HTML document as Wallpaper:". Select one, and then hit OK. You should now have a picture on your desktop. My reasoning is that there is a command in Internet Explorer, if you right click on a picture and select "Set as Background". Whatever image you clicked on will now become your desktop wallpaper. If you click on a blank image (used frequently in websites) or a very small image, then the desktop will appear blank. If the problem is more than just the picture, follow the other answers given. Good luck.

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