• thats how you do it
  • 1. boil it 2. put it in some strong acid (sulfuric?) to dissolve the calcium-based shell 3. enjoy.
  • That is how you do it, but make sure to use a smaller pin, like a safety pin to start the hole. And when you get to the yolk it becomes very thick so you can use a crochet hook to enlarge your hole and actually break up the yolk before you blow it out. My mom used to have us do this every Easter when I was a kid. That way she could save our beautiful eggs!
  • Demonstration:
  • yeah. pinholes in both ends and blow the innards out. You can do it with a boiled egg too, but it it needs much bigger holes, a much harder blow, and the shell is all cracked up afterwards - but still intact
  • Wash the egg using water warmer than the egg. Dry the egg. With a sterilized long needle or small, sharp skewer, prick a small hole in the small end of the egg. Prick a large hole in the large end. Carefully chip away bits of shell around the large hole until it’s big enough to fit the tip of a kitchen baster. Stick the needle or skewer into the yolk to break it. Shake the egg large-end down over a cup or bowl until the insides come out. OR, use a baster to push out the contents. Press the bulb of the baster to push air into the egg. Let the contents fall into the cup. If the insides don’t come out easily, stick the needle in again. Move it around to be sure both the shell membranes and the yolk are broken. Rinse the empty shell under cool running water. Stand the shell on end in a drainer to dry. Be careful when decorating an empty shell. It’s easy to break it. Before decorating the egg, you can cover the holes in the ends with melted wax or with tissue paper and glue like papier mache. Then, make a stand for it out of a small bottle cap, an empty film canister or a section of a cardboard tube. Or, you can run a loop of ribbon, yarn, string or wire through the holes. Tie the end to make a hanger for your decorated egg.

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