• I can't wait for the Cartoonfest, let's try some of "Bugs Bunny's Funniest Moments."
  • El Kabong Strikes AGain!
  • I think Porky Pig can make a contribution here.
  • I'm going to go with Rocko's Modern Life. =)
  • HURRAY for the animated folks and critters in our lives! :) Ok .. here's some for this week. Only have about a million possibilities! LOL Billed as "Hanna-Barbera's first tv stars" .. here's Ruff and Reddy! Then .. how about Tom Terrific and of course, Mighty Manfred, the Wonder Dog And finally, a personal favorite of mine. Let's have a little cereal with: "Snap, Crackle, Pop - Rice Krisbies"!!
  • Does anyone remember this one? Sometimes I get it stuck in my head for no apparent reason:  
  • Other than the classic Bugs Bunny hour, which was also my dad's favourite...I used to tape them in the morning so he could watch them later in the day. :D I used to like the video game game shows they had. It's not a cartoon, but they played it during my morning cartoons. (And after school cartoons.) >_> And omg the guy in Nick Arcade is such a geek lol. Second video is another one I liked, Princess Sissi. Third is Sailor Moon, which I am ashamed to say, I've watched since I was like 12 all the way to my early twenties. >_> Fourth is Mummies Alive, I totally got a kick out of this show, it was awesome. These are only some of my cartoons though...I used to watch a whole slew of cartoons, and I watched them for a long time, and all sorts of cartoons, from childish ones to adult ones. (Captain Planet, Hey Arnold, Z Bots, Duckman, Dragon ball Z and so forth. >_>) I have other French cartoons which are all older than these ones I watched when I was little, and I think Princess Sissi is originally French, but I put the ones with the classy theme songs lol.
  • fabulous!! no horrors :)
  • sorry, here are more.. cereal adverts! FEED THE FUN!!!
  • Go to I have a feeling you'll love it!
  • Here we go :) Both of these adverts make me hate cereal.
  • I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm smurfing with the Smurfs (the Smurfette episode). I didn't see this episode when it aired originally though. And in an attempt to restore my manhood after my first pick, I'm also going with G.I. Joe. I'll include one of their public service announcements. And I'll go with Honey Smacks for my cereal commercial.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Quisp and Quake

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