• no i dont, but im wondering what does "touche" mean? lol it looks like toushy..
  • google it, kid . define: touche
  • It is a originally a fencing term. tou·ché (tōō-shā') Pronunciation Key interj. Used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or a successful criticism or an effective point in argument. [French, from past participle of toucher, to hit or wound in fencing, from Old French touchier, to touch; see touch.]
  • touche' meaning clever
  • Touché, to touch, or hit in fencing, is often used when a comment is met with a witty riposte (another fencing word). The emphasis is really on the 'witty' part of the reply, so the famous line by Winston Churchill who, when told that he was drunk, replied "And you're ugly, but I shall be sober in the morning" falls into this category. I don't think just calling his respondent ugly was count as a riposte.
  • Touche is used as an admission of a clever, witty comeback thrown your way.
  • OK, the word has been defined well already, so I've decided to give you an example of how it could be used. The comeback must factual and be a dig at the recipient. The person who received the comeback uses the word to admit that the person has a point. So: "Your car is seriously ugly." "Yeah, but iat least it gets me there in one piece." "Touche." So, the person admits that whilst his car may be better looking, it is broken (or has a habit of being unreliable).
  • "In fencing, touché (French: touched) is used as an acknowledgement of a hit, called out by the fencer who is hit. A referee can call out touche (French: touch) to refer to a touch being called - for example, the French call for "no point" is "pas de touche" (French: no touch). The phrase touché is often used in popular culture and general conversation—for example, in an argument or debate. If one person presents an argument and another delivers a clever or apt response, the first person may respond with "touché" as a way of acknowledging a good response. Similarly, there is also a fencing move called a "riposte," which refers to "an offensive action with the intent of hitting one's opponent" and in common lexicon is understood as a quick and witty reply to an argument or an insult." Source and further information: So, before someone else would say "gotcha", you can say "touché".
  • It's basically like saying, "nice comeback," or, "you've got me." Here's a pretty good example (in a verbal confrontation between a guy and a girl that found out he was selling her panties on eBay) -- last panel thingie, to be precise:

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