• I would discuss this matter with the person you acctually work for, and leave if you cannot reach an agreement. Cutting a persons salary in half is unacceptable if they expect you ro do the same amount of work, and I would leave if any more of the checks bounce.
  • I would not even consider returning to work regardless, until the hot check had been covered. Then I would have a financial week-to week agreement, as these ppl seem to be in financial trouble, and be using all my free time to look for another job.
  • You should have been running as you wrote the question. But don't let them off the hook for that bounced check.
  • This is one of those situations where you need to be very careful because of the bad economy. I would definately start looking for another job and give your notice at the other one, as long as you can afford to be without for a while. If you can easily get another job quickly, I would go for it. Definately don't continue working unless tha check clears.
  • Absolutely.
  • you should definitely start looking for work, it sounds like your employer is having serious financial trouble. your paycheck should NEVER bounce, the business knows how much money it has...get out fast
  • Look for a new job on company time.
  • if the check is going to bounce i probably wouldnt bother working with them
  • You need to talk to your boss, not your boss' spouse.

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