• generally u wont be going out on many dates. the big one is u wont be meeting anyone close to him/her
  • I think it's generally, Get on, Get off, get out.
  • You would probaly know if everytime you called the person you ended up with a part of there body inside you. The rules are dont ask dont tell. There are no dates u just hang out.
  • Friends who feel comfortable enough to go home with each other once in a while and spend the night. They often do go out with other people, including other "friends" as well. It is not the same as "shacking up" where they move in with each other and don't date anyone else, or as mentioned on another answer, a "one night stand" sort of thing.
  • Follow your heart Sara (nb: note "no h")
  • You know if you're a friend with benefits. You have sex with someone and they don't ever talk about how they "care" about you. They like you, they appreciate your company and they enjoy banging your drums, but there are no 'relationship' feelings. Rules: 1. You don't date. Period. 2. No public displays of affection of any kind. 3. Always have an exit strategy. Be open about what it will take to end the FWB situation. 4. You are not a BF or GF, you are a good lay. You're a friend, but no relationship should arise out of the FWB deal. 5. Sex ends when one of you is in a relationship. And you can not try to end your FWB's dating relationship. When the relationship is over - go for it. 6. Use protection. 7. No sleeping over. That will confuse things for one of you. 8. Communication should remain that of friends and not lovers. No calling to say hello or see if they had a good day (unless that was done prior to the boot knockin'). 9. Always follow the rules established. 10.DO NOT FALL IN LOVE. FWBs can go out as part of a group, but not on dates. They should not refer to it as a date and it should not have the a "date" feel. When you do go out, however, it guarantees sex.
  • I always thought a friends with benefits was a person who enjoyed all parts of a relationship the couple agreed on without a committed relationship. Or otherwise you do anything you want to with the understanding that there will never be a promise of a relationship as a couple. This would also allow each of you to see anyone else you desired without jealousy.
  • You are friends with benefits if it is fine to see other people, and your not in love with them;0)
  • Nice way of saying F@*k buddy. A person should prob know if they are or aren't otherwise they are just being cheated on.
  • I think I'm going to stay away from this particular question since it's number 666 for you................
  • I really think that emotions dictate which way a relationship goes or stays at. It's usually the downfall of the relationship period when one of them is firm about which way a relationship has to be and what the rules are. There has to always be flexibility.
  • The rules are whatever the people involved chose to make them.
  • The easiest way to find out would be to just ask the person your with. There really arent any set rules, its realy just a nice way of saying your using or being used by someone. Unless...of course you really care about each other?? Than maybe you are something more afterall. Either way, it sounds like you and your "friend" need to have a talk.
  • yep. it's off-limits. the point of being friends with benefits is that the other person gets to use you for sex 1- without feeling guilty that that is his/her only goal 2-without any strings attached, meaning no relationships OR dates (unless sex immediately occurs after...or during the date). friends with benefits is just a step above a booty call. actually, they're pretty much the same thing. a friend with benefits may call his "friend" for a booty call. get it? and, just for the record, i've never done that.
  • I think the "no rules" is kind of the point behind FWB...
  • friends with benefits has sublevels n it all depends on what ur bennys include: A)friends with benefits no strings attached B)friends with benefits open dating ie: swingers C)friends with benefits but with res
  • The number 1 rule is do not get involve if you think there is going to be a relationship.

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