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  • He definantly a nut job......avoid at all cost EDIT: He has issues he needs to resolve and you don't say if you have known him a long time so I will just tell you that it's not such a good thing to get naked on the first date with someone you hardly know. But I won't say that I would never do that.
  • Oh holy shit! I'd say he has enough issues to fill a cargo ship. No, you aren't a slut, you are lucky you weren't a assault victim of a guy with unresolved Madonna/whore issues.
  • Definitie issues there. It's ironic that you're the slut but yet he was just as ready to as you were. What a freak. Run away from that guy..don't walk! :)
  • He does seem to have issues...but why would you be naked on the first date? Maybe if you took the time to know him better first, you wouldn't have to ask this question.
  • i think ANYone who is willing to have sex on the first date has issues, call me crazy.
  • sounds to me like he set you up for the purpose of calling you that. some men harbor a very deep hatred of women and will do strange things to degrade them.
  • I'd say that dude has serious issues! Stay away!
  • poor thing, what an asshole he is. He may definitly have some issues to resolve..
  • I think the guy has a few screws loose. Avoid him. Sounds like a whacko. As far as I'm concerned you being a slut or not is not the issue. He is the issue.
  • Unless he ripped your clothes off he didn't get you naked , you chose to take your clothes off. I would say you both have issues. Why would you even consider putting yourself in such a vulnerable position with someone you don't even know? And if he felt that way he could have stopped you when you started undoing your blouse, so yes, he has issues as well.
  • A man didn't get you naked. You got yourself naked. Take some responsibility.
  • You had the misfortune to meet a real freak.He has problems and it's best to stay away from him.
  • Not necessarily a slut, but just easy.
  • i think a girl who gets completely naked on the first date is a girl who is willing to set herself up to be called whatever be it good or bad. morally speaking if you had a daughter and found out she had done that what would you think of her? If you are a slut depends on several factors, how often do you do this? Once naked what do you do? I think he should refrain from name calling, what grown ups do is grown up business, but some men talk and call names thats his own personal issue. just make better decisions in the future or ask the guy first "if i get naked tonight will you call me names tomorrow?"
  •'s mean and deceiving.
  • Sounds like a ex broke his heart by cheating on him and he has some major trust issues A girl willing on the first date is not a slut she just has a health sexual life ;)
  • IMAGINE HOW MUCH HE GETS LAID HAHA dumbass...He probably has mommy issues and she said girls who take their clothes off early are a certain way...What a loser. You'll be ok..he's got issues and better you found out now...Oh and he feels he needs to dominate as well...Cut ties with him and whomever he associates with find a new man, one who can knock his block off next time you see him..and one who wants to hook up with a hottie early..and shows women the respect they deserve....Good Luck
  • hes got issues i mean first date sex is not slutty but if he gets you naked but dosnt do anything he is RETARDED
  • You are not a slut. He has the perception that society has, and this perception is very often beyond wrong. Only life will fix his problem. For the moment, do not concern yourself with socially ill people.
  • I'd vote for slut.
  • First and foremost, he DEFINITELY has issues. Why would he let it go that far and ultimately be such a prick? If you want to have sex on the first date I personally don't see an issue with it. That's your decision. Some people are a bit more free with it than others. I have, nor would I want, any say in what you do with your body.
  • You got yourself naked. End of story.
  • Such behavior isn't good for you as a person. Yes, he has major emotional and maturity issues. Possibly he had an attack of impotence, and reacted in that cruel and immature manner.
  • Hey, what are you doing later this week?
  • I myself wouldnt sleep with a girl on the first date - just doesnt seem right - but he's got problems, some kind of joke if he'll do that to you.
  • um hes a nut
  • Define slut. If you mean a sexually liberated woman, then yes. It's his oddness to get you there and then to shoot you down like that.
  • Call the woman what you will, but the same logic by which one might call her a slut could be applied just as easily to call the man a slut and/or a manipulative, passive aggressive bastard. And personally, I think passive aggressive bastard is a far worse label than "Slut"; at least "Sluts" can be sincere about just wanting to fck a lot of people.
  • No gentleman would ever say such a thing to a woman. He sounds very low class... not to mention psycho!
  • Issues? The man has the entire subscription! Don't waste any more time thinking about him...
  • ok i am so against the whole a woman who likes sex is a slut and has sex on the first date is a slut, however the man is a stud. i am over the whole 'male and female brains are biologically different therefore males are allowed to be more sexually oriented than women because its in their nature...its their perogative (sp?)' i am over the whole 'men think and want sex more than women due to biological reasons' i think its all a load od cr*p and its mainly because for 1000's of years we have been socialised to think this way. the adult entertainment industry is still tailored more so for men rather than women. and its all due to 'biology' thats cr*p...thats only because we have accepted this without asking any questions! women have just as much right to be as sexually oriented as men. JUST as women hav just as much right to demand complete monogony and respect from their man...i HATE the whole 'oh its so hard for men to monogonous in mind and body because of the way thier brain is wired' i say women grow some balls and demand equality. we have come a long way since the past, but man, there is a looong way to go still with peoples thinking. so no, your not a slut for gettin naked on the first date (notice:even if he took off your clothes you still allowed him to, therefore you got naked) However- i am concerned about your stability and self respect? who knows what he has? surely just waiting a bit longer would be more benificial but hey if it is purely for sex and you are careful, and you know the repecussions then go for it do whatever you want! just dont get too attached because some ppl do still have those double standards for men and women. Yes. he is tapped. what an a*shole calling you a slut! how dare he! its ok foir him!!! but how DARE he call u any names especially due to the fact he doesnt know you! HE has no respect for women and is looped and has serious issues. take the other girls advice and 'RUN! DONT WALK!' he can call u a slut without knowing u!? imagine wat he might start saying to his mates behind your back and doing to you and saying to you when u get comfortable together later on down the track! and u know what?! YOU NEVER NEED TO EARN ANYONES RESPECT! you should have it from the word dot. you are a person. so...if they cant have respect for you to start with they are not worth 2 seconds of your time! and dont u dare try to earn it! go find someone decent who wont verbally abuse you. my guess is he blew his load in his pants and then couldnt perform, therefore had to make it look like your fault ;o)
  • Yeah - the guy has some problems - that's for sure!
  • get away from this guy. Don't walk, run and don't answer his phone calls. He is a nut.
  • He's an abusive jerk. Don't see him again. Don't return his calls. You were just manipulated. You deserve better.
  • Well, if you were a slut, then by his standards, so is he; he was complicit in the act. He sounds like a very insecure, indecisive sort of person. A good guy won't judge you based on how long you wait to have sex with him. If he does, his respect isn't worth earning.
  • I think you both have issues you need to resolve.
  • Perhaps he just wants to reassure himself that girls are prepared to shed their clothes for him. But when it comes to progressing the matter further, he may have problems which he is well aware of. He's merely running away from a potentially humiliating situation by projecting it on you by such name calling. Sex on the first date is not uncommon or abnormal. You're NOT a slut for having expected it.
  • A bit of both.
  • At the end of the day whats wrong with getting into bed on the first date if you are single? Is it not important to get that bit out the way with and know that your chemistry in bed together is good before you progress with the relationship?
  • he probably wanted to know how easy you are (no offence) but i personally think you should be dating someone for a while befor even getting NEAR that far : / he may have been going to far to do that to you. you both have some things you need to work out : /
  • Issues...He was willing,too,huh,wasn't he? How is he better than you because he owns a penis?

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