• i think it is not possible.
  • Yes, but this only lasts a limited time. It eventually will come back. Maybe not for the same circumstance, but the same feeling will return again for a different reason.
  • Forsure.
  • No, it's not like we have a tank of each and can only use what's on hand. But we can grow numb or tired of giving to others. We can have things drained from us, especially being around negative people, but we never run out ourselves.
  • unable to feel emotions like before is one of the symptoms of depression (anhedonia).
  • Yes I know how you feel... Last week when my mom died I went numb and I cant even feel any emotion anymore it will comeback one day dont worry.
  • I suppose if you suddenly became a psychopath or dead you could.
  • Sometimes I wonder!!!
  • no but it is possible to burn out wheer in you body as a stres reaction stops sending the proper chemicals through
  • Emotions build the whole of what we are, and I believe that everything we have done, do, and will do has an emotional foundation, it's a factor which drives the survival instinct. While I don't think you can run out of one specific emotion or another, or render it void, you can indeed become desentisized to an emotion, but this only amplifies on how active said emotion was for you. Like a defense mechanism, and as well, some people are better at controlling, or even consciously making use of certain emotions. But they can't ever die, and there's always something in life to learn and experience which may rekindle matter how much one may believe otherwise.
  • I'm sure it is. When that happens, though, I would seek the help of a medical professional. Being emotionless is not normal and may be indicative of deep depression. Anyway, it needs to be investigated! :)
  • Yes. Grief mainly. No matter how earth shattering our tragedy, sooner or later we run out of grief and start healing.
  • It is indeed possible. Emotions originate in the mind. If the mind decides the emotion does not serve any useful pupose any longer, then mind will block it. You will not be aware of the process but you will realize that you have run out the concerned emotion. This is not to say that mind will permanently block the emotion concerned. Mind might decide to restore it fully or partially at a later stage. It is the the work of the mind.
  • Yes. It's also a little sad. ;]
  • It's possible to hit emotional overload and feel more numb than anything else.
  • I don't think permanently, but I've cried until I've run out of sadness before.
  • Yes, you can feel so sad for so long that you simply get use to it and don't really feel it anymore.

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