• i love this song! and id assume its about a young man who joined the war and ended up fighting for his country...and protecting the flag with all his will.
  • It's about a man who joined the military thinking he's get to see the world, and went over to Iraq, did terrible things and lost faith in the world. All while trying to tell himself he was a hero. "She collapsed with a flag in her hand A flag white as snow ...... And I brought home that flag Now it gathers dust But it's a flag that I love It's the only flag I "
  • It juxtaposes the glory of being a soldier against the reality of what happens on the "battlefield". The song addresses feelings of humanity, the soldier can feel for the people (I'm assuming Iraqis or Afghans), is compelled to help them, but in the end has a job to do. It seems by the end, that his previous notion of what a war hero is has changed. He wanted to be hero and now that he is heralded as one, he doesn't really believe that he was that heroic. That's my take anyway.

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