• i think those old cokoo clocks were pretty cool!
  • I always liked Anniversary clocks, but seldom saw one that operated properly.
  • It is an analogue clock on the monitor screen that runs the wrong way. Very cool!
  • The tower clock at the houses of parliment in London.
  • i love those mirror clocks but they always confuse me lol
  • In a jeweler's window in Boston (1970's) there was a "string" clock. Instead of a pendulum, there was a shaft centered on the top of the clock. A string tied to the shaft whipped around, wrapping and unwrapping itself from small poles at each corner. I've searched for a photo of it online, and have decided that it must have been a "one of a kind."
  • A saw blade that was hand painted, like this. Sorry, I tried to upload a picture of one but it won't go. :( Hooray, it only took eight tries !!! Anyway, here's the cool clock. :-)
  • My parents collect antique clocks and they have a gorgeous old clock that is different shades of blue enamel with gold, shaped like an Arabian palace or the Taj Mahal. It's really something.
  • I bought this clock about five years ago. It is some type of ceramic or breakable material. It's painted with some magnificant colors that I love and it chimes. It's original cost was something like >four hundred dollars but someone had broken the leg off it and glued it back so you couldn't tell a thing. Therefore, I got it a a good price. It's one of my most special material possessions. It's displayed in my kitchen on my bombay chest and I just love it.
  • The Doomsday Clock, as in "two minutes to midnight". I have been thinking about getting it as a tattoo someday, actually. I believe it is currently set at "five minutes to midnight".
  • our friends have a funky one, its the numbers and hands, just stuck onto the wall, but they are backwards as well, rather thought provoking !!
  • My grandmother has a truly memorable grandfather clock. It would chime every single hour, even on the quarter hour. I spent a lot of time at her house when I was young. When I couldn't sleep, I always knew what time it was. When I could sleep, it never woke me up or kept me awake. It was a soothing, rhythmic, and natural part of my childhood environment.
  • I think this one is VERY cool. I'm asking Santa for one. :)

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