• SEVERAL things come to mind. Karma is real and I and I can prove it. I always said "I will never get pregnant out of wedlock".. WRONG. I always said I would never be a junkie/drug addict. WRONG. I would never be a homeless bum on the street. WRONG. People don't believe me when i say "NEVER SAY NEVER" or never say it won't happen to you..cause it can and it will.
  • Cancer. I thought cancer only hit old people...I'd never even met anyone that had cancer or survived cancer. At the age of 25, it was definitely something "that will never happen to me." Note: That was 2 years ago...I kicked cancer's a$$!!
  • never thought id be the victim of a gun-point robbery
  • I never thought my girl friend would get pregnant from unprotected sex. How could THAT happen?
  • I thought marriage was forever. What a mistake for me to make.

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