• Not exactly, no. I know of many people who attended Catholic schools for example, who rebelled against Christianity and/or Catholicism and would probably never go back.
  • No. I know tons of people that go to my school, that aren't remotely Catholic. We have a lot of Muslim students, too. Just because my school is 'Catholic' it doesn't mean that everyone is forced to practice the religion, and we aren't taught about any others.
  • So is asking the same inane questions repeatedly a sign of a obsesive- compulisive? If you went to France would that make you French? +3 just because I want to make you feel good.
  • :( :( :( Oh, Captain Jack...:(
  • No, you cannot liken him according what happened to him when he was still forming his concept of religion. When he looks around today and sees the living testimonies of all religions, he can make up his mind and choose which one is the best. And looking at the followers of different religions, I wonder which one gives the deepest impression of true believers.
  • *lol* Nah. But he doesn't call himself a Christian, either and he went to church for years. In my opinion, it is people who don't identify their beliefs whether Christian, Muslim, Wiccan, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic.... those are the people that concern me the most-- especially when it comes to our leaders.
  • All I can say for certain is he seems mighty confused.
  • The false coloring of Obama's early education gained considerable steam during a "Fox and Friends" round table on Jan. 19, 2006. Host Steve Doocy said that Obama spent "the first decade of his life raised by his Muslim father as a Muslim and was educated in a madrassa." It is almost impossible to tabulate how many false claims are in that sentence. ~
  • No Consider me some sort of example. I'm a member of the Danish Christian Church, I've been baptised and confirmated (or whatever it's called in English). Yet I don't ever go to church, I don't believe in god, and I don't even know what the actual name of the national religion is (probably something like The Danish People's Baptist Church). So technically I'm a Christian, but who gives a damn? I have a series of personal values and moral principles, but they're based on the society I live in, and not in any way what an old book tells me. Furthermore, even if he actually WAS a Muslim, so what? Isn't the important thing his values, and not if his deity is called Allah or Jesus?
  • Obama attended a 'PUBLIC' shcool in Indonesia that was and is populated by predominantly muslim students. This shouldn't really be a big shocker since Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world. It was not an Islamic Madrassa. Bad video quality but here is the CNN report on the school:
  • Come on Capt Jack give the guy a break. He hasn't even taken office yet. Why make a bad situation worse by throwing out such a insulting question. And by the way, I think his religious beliefs are protected by the constitution.
  • No. I've went to all sorts of churches before, but I'm an atheist. I live in Georgia, where almost everyone is a racist redneck, but I'm not one myself.
  • Why make a big deal out of someone being a Muslim? Last time I looked we still had freedom of religion in the United States...Lot's of religions have unleashed holy terror on people throughout the years, Catholics come to mind in medieval times and Shintoism in Japan during WW2! All have both good and bad sides!
  • It doesn't matter Jack, and what's wrong with Islam anyways? Islam shoujld not be compared to Marijauna!
  • I've been to the garage but that doesn't make me a car.
  • While this is quite entertaining, and while there might be more than an ounce of truth to this, whatever muslim tendencies and beliefs he has are so submerged within him that it is near impossible to pin him on anything such as this. I think it is safe to say that he equates Christians to Muslims, and believes that both groups worship the same God. They do not, yet many are so swayed.
  • Any religious fanatic is dangerous and keeps dangerous company. It doesn't make much difference which religion. You can't judge Muslims by the terrorist. I can find some people who profess to be Christian who are also dangerous and terrorist. Some of them are Klan members, some of them are Christian fanatics of other types. You analogy about smoking but not inhaling is really flawed.
  • I was raised in a Mormon family, but I don't believe in God, so my answer is no. As yourself how much influence your upbringing had on the person you are now, while you take a nice big slug of that virtual rum you are always on about, matey.
  • no, but i am likening you to a paranoid dumbass
  • Perhaps he could get a better quality of education there. Plenty of people attend Catholic schools, but it does not mean they are Catholic or that they remain in the faith if they are. I went to a Calvinist high school, but I didn't share their belief system; I just wanted a good private school education and to escape from the crappy public schools in my town.

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