• No, not at all. I watched the show when I was a little girl and it always made me want to grow corn, do the dishes and carry my lunch to school in a tin pail.
  • That show is so boring it's unsuitable for anyone.
  • Le's think about this... a wholesome situation, with mostly interpersonal respect, resolution of problems, and a total lack of bad language (I'm sorry, realistic modern language). Heck no child should be subject to this blatant idealistic fantasy, it would lead to a dangerous vulnerability. Bring on the guns, bad language, abusive violent drug alcoholic despair he needs to cope
  • Obviously not. It was only marked that because the company didn't want to spend the cash to have it evaluated properly.
  • LOL!!!! I'm sure that anyone who is going to buy it will know why it's rated the way it is in Finland:-) I loved the show and still think it is wonderful for children. I watched all the episodes as they came out and also Father Murphy. Many years later I still enjoy them on occasion and think that more children should watch them instead of many of the terrible shows that are supposed to be for kinds now.
  • Only a few of the episodes were sexually suggestive. I remember the one where Half Pint was worried about having no boobs.
  • (?!) As compared to what? "Beavis and Butthead"? I thought it was a good series. Maybe hard for urban kids to identify with today...but so was "Different Strokes" for kids in my area at the time.
  • Lol...Actually, it's one of the best shows for children, along with "Family Affair", "Gilligan's Island", and "Full House." My kids love all four, and they are well- adjusted!
  • Oh most definetely, not! I wish we had more shows like that today. Most of what is on TV today, is garbage.
  • No, I loved it when I was younger and I'd love for my daughter to watch it now. It just doesn't come on much here. Each show taught you a great lesson. It was a wholesome, G-rated kind of entertainment. How can something like that be unsuitable?
  • Now I read the article.... the rating has nothing to do with whether or not it is suitable for children (which it is). It is just the distributors decided not to pay the thousands of dollars (at $2/minute) to have the entire series checked to make sure it is fit for children. So it is fit for children - it just hasn't been proved to be fit for Finnish children.
  • Well, personally, I find the two part, Laura loved her Pa so much, but then something wasn't right, but a kindly old timer stepped in and explained things,episodes reallly hard to take. I don't get it...
  • It most certainly isn't. It was a very wholesome show which taught family values along with other life lessons. Often with humor and sometimes with sadness. I loved the show and so did my kids.
  • Personally, I was sick of the show as a kid. After five episodes it wasn't watched. Each kid is different and if a kid likes it - they should be allowed to watch it. If like me, hates the usage of super sugary sweetness in a show - shouldn't be forced to watch it. My favorite show at that time was Air Wolf - go figure. :)

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