• Ticks and what? OH, ticks and LICE, right, that took me ages. Why the hell has your dog got ticks AND lice anyway? Do you keep it in a pig pen? Brush him as often as you can and bathe him at least once a week with anti-flea shampoo, and get tick remover scissors from your local pet shop to get rid of the ticks. Ticks are bad, they bury their heads under your dogs skin and when you yank a tick off, it leaves it's head inside and infects the dog. So look after it better in the first place, is my advice.
  • if it's an indoor dog. get the flea and tick shampoo and a bug fogger for the house. then take your dog to a motel for a weekend. seriously, this worked for my cat. we both stayed in a motel for a weekend and all the fleas and ticks died off. not only did the shampoo eliminate them from the fur, the fogger killed most at home, and the time away starved the survivors.

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