• I'm not a huge star wars fan, i mean, i am a fan but not obsessive, but let me try answering by what i think makes sense. Driods are robots meant to kill and the same programming is installed on robots to fight on either side of a war (the good and the evil). if they have no qualms about killing one another, killing in general, or what side they fight on, it's obvious they show no emotion or ability to think for their own outside there programming. Hence, why would they feel sadness, a completely useless emotion for a killing machine. in fact, it would be stupid to give the robots such an ability as thye might decide not to fight, which is their purpose in life
  • I believe they may have felt a sort of sadness. Well if you notice, C-3P0 is programmed to simulate human emotions. He expresses a large range of emotions during the movies such as fear, surprise, and worry. This was likely programmed in to help him deal with humans and other species, which was his primary function as a protocol droid. Perhaps when Anakin was building him, he felt that simulated emotions would give C-3P0 some insight into the motives behind organic behavior. R2-D2 on the other hand expresses very few strong emotions. He does seem to get 'excited' sometimes, and he does seem to have a sense of humor (As seen when he zaps various things during the movie, for no apparent reason). His primary functions are astrometrics, repair, and stellar navigation. Thus emotional simulations likely weren't a high priority when he was being built.

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