• I am a patriotic proud American indeed!
  • ummm Yes why the hell shouldn't I be? And now we have an amazing president... or should i not be proud cuz hes of african descent? HM??? NO!
  • Oh, you mean the passage of Prop 8 in California? Well, I'm still proud to be an American, but my California pride is a bit tarnished now. Good question though!
  • I've always had issues with the phrase "proud to be an American". Pride should come from something we contribute to, not something we are born into or immigrate to... Regardless of the last few YEARS, I'm still glad to be an American.
  • Of course I'm proud! Besides, we've already got enough Americans who hate America, apparently.
  • I have never been proud to be an American, but in the last few days, we have gone to tollerating gays more, to tollerating them less. We have gone from a bad persident, to a worse president. We have seriously f*cked up America this time. I am now even more ashamed to be an American P.S. I am not racist. The reason I don't like Obama has nothing to do with his race, I just don't like him. ~ Blessed Be I can't wait to see how many downrates this one is going to get.
  • No country has a perfect past and present. A few days of bad isn't going to quell my pride. Yes, I am.
  • I am extremely Proud to be an America, because of what happened these last few days.
  • I have always been proud to be American, but I have more confidence in our system of government now.
  • I couldn't be prouder, i supported President Elect Obama in his campaign for the Presidency with volunteering, blogging and personal debates wherever i could start a decent one. Im so proud that this is the path this country is taking, actually moving a step forward instead of staying in the same place, sure we dont know if were going in the right direction but at least were moving.
  • Damn right I am, in fact, I have never been prouder to be an American as I am today.
  • I have always been proud to be an American and I shall always be a proud American. A country whose history has been riddled with political scandal, social upheaval and economic crises, no country has a spotless past and we are no different. But what makes us so different is that, we have a democracy that is for the people made by the people. A democracy that is far from perfect, but no de
  • always!
  • I am more proud today than I have been in eight years. While everything is far from perfect, we are headed in a better direction with our new Democratic president.

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