• All pills expire at some point. But if you found only 1 pack, there would be No point in taking them. You need to use them for atleast 3 months,to protect you.
  • Yes they do expire but if in date they will still work and for that month you take them - I'm not sure what crcm367 is referring to when they say they only protect after 3 months.??? However - check the expiry date - there will an embossed expiry date and batch/lot number at the end of the foil strip. It can be really faint though. If they are still in the box - the bottom of the box is also embossed with expiry date and batch/lot number.
  • They do expire. There should be a date on them, maybe on the back of the pill package. I wouldn't take them.
  • Take 'em. If you get pregnant, you'll know for sure that they don't work
  • lol...thats funny..i8 dont kno.. havent triEd oLd ones but i thnk the best thing to do is to jus get some new ones
  • They do expire, but they don't expire until about 4 years after you have bought them. I am on the pill and just got a brand new pack, they arent suppose to expire until 2013.
  • Yes, birth control pills do have an expiration date, and you shouldn't depend on them for birth control if they're expired! Plus, like another person said, if you only have one pack of them, it wouldn't do you much good anyway--BCPs are only effective as birth control after one month of continuous use (although some say one week--but better safe than sorry, right?). If you want to start birth control, just go see your doctor for a prescription--and remember, the lower dose pills have less side effects but are also more dependant on you taking them at the correct time every day and not missing any pills. Hope that helps!
  • Yes they do. I just found a pack that I had gotten roughly a year ago and the expiration date was for this month so I would say they last about a year. That was Ortho-Tricyclen. I'm not sure about other brands.
  • Well, you'll find out in 9 months or so.
  • If you have to ask the question then you already know that you shouldn't take them. You should never take something that you aren't 100% positive is safe for you. They have an expiration usually on the back top right hand corner in silver foil where it says "lot/exp" if its in a foil pack. And if you can't find that there look around the back. Unless you want a baby, I wouldn't chance it expired (even only a month or so)drugs can make you really sick or make you go crazy (honest, my mom took exp drugs and ended uo in the hospital for 3 days!) Better safe then sorry. :)
  • yes they do expire. just look around on the pack for the date and if is is current and hasnt expired use it.
  • of course they expire. every pill does. however it doesnt mean they arent good. how long do you keep the same bottle of asprin in ur house? that has an expliration date but they still work just as good.

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