• this is a rant, not a question. the only question formed sentance is rhetorical . ok, since you think it is a sincere question I will give you the only kind of answer that can come of it... 2922 days, it will coinside with the second election from now.
  • Put a sock in it! We just elected the first black man as POTUS. Kindly save your "we shall overcome" rhetoric for another time and another place. I happen to have a couple of gay friends who were relieved to see the initiative defeated. They clearly don't want to be "equal", I suppose.
  • There's no category for "I want to spout my opinion and I don't give a hang what you think" at AB.
  • It won't be held back forever. I'm just as shocked reading that story that I forwarded to you, as are a few of my other co-workers. One of these days, I'll be sending that invite to you, Dbd! And I'll dance with you and your bionic hip! LOL!
  • This is only one area of a large arena where America doesn't treat all its people as equals. The Navajo Indian Reservation is largely without running water. Their elderly have to haul their own water in the 21st century in the richest country on earth. Schools and medical accessibility are greatly inferior in poor and inner city areas. The gay marriage vote is a travesty of separation of church and state, but it's only a sample of the double standard and hypocrisy in America.
  • Well... The Christians will probably be pissed off, but the divorce lawyers will be overjoyed!
  • It's been law in my state, Massachusetts for some time. It will happen elsewhere in the U.S., as well.
  • Yes, sigh, eventually the US will live up to its Constitution in this regard.
  • I am very sad about the marriage ban in California. But I grew up in a segregated South and have now lived to see the day that an African-American will become president. I can now believe that I will see the day that marriage equality will be the law. I don't know when, but I believe it will happen.
  • I am a straight white female. I have been married for almost 7 yrs and have 3 kids. I believe in god but I also have friends that are gay. I have no problems with gay marriage. Love is love. If you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, I believe you should be able to do so reguardless of if you are a man and woman or a man and man or woman and woman. I am on your side and hope the day will come that you can all be married and be happily married just like all the straight people are aloud to be. I wish you all the luck in the world on making gay marriages legal. Good luck Honey
  • I totally agree. It's an idea whose time has come. Although I don't expect miracles from Obama, one of the things that I am hopeful will happen during his administration is a check to the Religious Right. These people are absolutely out of control and have to be put back in their places which is, essentially, their churches and their homes and nowhere else
  • One day. I am worried about all the children on this planet who have no parents. If I was a child with no home, two gay people who loved me would be a Godsend. I pray that gays do not try to emulate marriage so heavily that adoption gets left behind. Its getting so easy to make your own kids these days that a deeper spiritual idea to help kids in need gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Gays of today are like the African Americans of yesterday. Sooner or later they will be treated as equals by our government.
  • I am actually very upset at this. I didnt think it would turn out this way. i voted NO on 8 and so did my republican voting family. I believe in Human Rights!!!
  • Homos-2 Freaks-1 It's not even the end of the first period! and the star rookie is about to come off the bench!
  • I am a Canadian and for the first time in years have a restored faith in the U.S.A. after the presidential vote. You have a true human shortly at the reigns and all human rights will be there for all. This is not only about color but about all HUMAN RIGHTS! God Bless America. There is hope for this planet after all

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