• Nothing is worth more than your happiness...
  • If it makes you happy, go for it. It's not all about the money.
  • if it keeps you sane
  • If you love the new job, or if you've cut down your living expenses it sounds like a great idea.
  • I have before. Money isn't everything. If you are working at a JOB that you can't stand and you are looking for excuses everyday NOT to have to work, find a new job. there is a lot to be sad for a job that you enjoy going to even if the pay is not as much
  • I quited my job and start work from home now. I'm happier .
  • Although salary is always a deciding factor, it must not be our all and in all. I would like to suggest the following reasons: (1) If we can learn more in a job with a lower salary, we could opt for it for our future professional advancement. (2) If the higher paying job requires us to act against our own conscience, we should not hesitate to quit for a job with a lower salary. In this instance our integrity and principles would remain in tact.
  • Well, consider these: 1. Do you love the job? 2. What are the non-wage benefits? 3. Is the work environment good? 4. Is it near your house? 5. Are the people you are going to work with and work for nice people? If you have positive answers to the questions above, I think quitting a job for a lower salary would be a good move.
  • It depends,if your job makes you feel unhappy in any way,the best is to find another one,no matter if the wages are lower.
  • I did that and I regret it in a way since I really miss the money I was making. Of course, at my new job, I did have to work less hours, less stress, and I met my current girlfriend at my new job. but not making as much money as I did, that still hurts. I suppose it balances out because if I didn't take the new job, I probably wouldn't know and would have asked myself what if all the time.

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