• I'd be pissed!!! get it? I would say something as soon as I found out about it. Flipping the mattress wouldn't cut it.
  • Let it ride, as long as it doesn't become habitual yo...
  • I would probably pretend it never happened and hope that it didnt happen again. If it was a very close, good friend I might mention it while we were alone.
  • I would definitely call them on the carpet.
  • bring it up, Rock...I once lived with a couple briefly in Boston. He would get drunk every night and occasionally sleep walk into the living room and piss against the wall...she denied it and he got angry with me when I asked him to get help...they did not stick around very long! lmao!
  • No, he didn't urinate on the bed, he got up and urinated on my coffee table. So when he woke up, I rubbed his nose in it.
  • sorry........I'm kind of an eye for an eye or a tooth for tooth kind of guy.........I would probably urinate in their car and get out without saying anything....
  • I would let them know... not embarrass them though... but no way am I cleaning that up!
  • guess is they ain't much of a friend so who cares...let it - and them - go...
  • Id make sure I brought it up in a socail situation with other friends. That way we can all laugh at how drunk he was. But of course Id get 1st laughs when I give them shit in the morning and then have them clean it up.
  • I would text or email them telling them how disappointed I am that rather the strip the bed for me and explain that the sheets need to be washed immediately, they left it for me to deal with. I had a friend who stayed with us for a week & was sick in our guest room and never told me straight away, later that night we went out for a few more drinks and he got drunk and confessed. I was so disgusted with him that I insisted that he came home with me right away. At home I handed him a bucket, some gloves and some disinfectant and ordered him to clean up. He did a very good job and after i gave him a short lecture, we returned to the pub and never mentioned it again. I don't think he will ever make a disgusting mess in my house ever again without cleaning it up.
  • only because they didnt say anything, i would have gone to their house grabed them by the scruff of the neck, dragged them back to the bed in question and rubbed their nose it, just like you would do to a dog that that has peed in house! im cruel yes, but all they had to do was tell me they had had an accident!!
  • That would be the funniest thing. I would definitely use it against them in social situations later on.
  • If you con.t drink you'll have more and more friends like this you could make them sit in that seat everytime they came to visit.

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