• You're kidding right? Any kid in their teens can be allowed to go to the movies with their friends provided either you or another parent takes them and picks them up - right on Q - that is a few minutes before the movie starts and after it ends. You should be the best judge of whether or not the child and his/her friends can/should be trusted for this
  • i would say a lot earlier than 21...i was going to movies with my friend when i was 12?
  • Teenages should be allowed to go to the movies. I went my first time in middle school. Let them go, you have to start giving them freedom so they can build their trust with you. Do what my parents did to me, drop me off and when you get ready to pick them up, get their early, that way you can make sure they are coming out of the movie theater and not out from the woods. FREEDOM=TRUST
  • i went by myself when i was 14.
  • We let are kids start going at 13. But only in mixed company. Not just with a boy! Dads will always say 21! lol
  • Depending on the maturity of the child, most teens should be able to go with friends. Just make sure that a parent drops them off and picks them up just before the movie starts and right when it's over.
  • I allowed my daughter to start going at 13..but since it is a drive adult was always going with them.
  • 16 is an age where you should be starting to think about trusting a child being careful to monitor them.
  • I would say 12. Just make you you drop them off and pick them up.

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