• we don't know the extent of the repairs after collision, it's kinda hard to speculate. I'm gonna say a bad ground somewhere from repairs made. But what does the "Code" say is wrong??? It may be just Ur "Security System" which should "Unplug" & then U can see if things work right. John
  • Sounds like some type of problem with the wiring. Maybe it messed something up when you hit the deer in April?
  • possibly a loose connection to your BCM (body control module). Check your cars check engine light code. It will more than likely narrow your problem down.
  • BE VERY CAREFUL, you have a grounding/shorting problem. BUT thats not the problem, air bag sensors in the front could of been hit, they can cause your airbags to go off at anytime. Seriously get them checked or unplug them.Sorry for the bad news but its cheaper then a funeral.

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