• no thats completely untrue my grandma had 6 kids and before she went through menapause she had the worst cramps, to the point where she couldnt go to work for 3 days out of the month
  • Hm.. I had my son 2 months ago. I don't know about long-term... but it's been REALLY nice being not pregnant OR menstruating for two months. Want my advice? BREASTFEED. Lactation amenorrhea RULES! When I had cramps, I drank fennel tea. There's a brand in the supermarket called "Traditional Medicinals" Get their "PMS TEA" It works better than Midol. Seriously.
  • i have several friends who suffered with cramps and took 1000 mg of calcium every day for 30 days and their cramps were almost completely gone!! try it! in the mean time midol (extra strength) could help good luck!
  • My cramps (very severe) did go away after I had my first child but came back after I had my second child. The cramps are not as severe as before but painful enough that I want to stay in bed all day with a heating pad. Unfortunately I don't have that option so I take Motrin and ibuprofen. If you have a heavy period the ibuprofen will slow it down and the Motrin has a diuretic to cure the bloating.
  • I dont think they ever go away completely, but they do improve with each child. I used to have them horrible! Like hunching over in pain bad... but you realize that after having kids the cramps ease up... But the bleeding worsens... Mine is HORRIBLE and now I wish I still had the cramps. Ahhh... Brought to you by the illustrious curses of the Bible!
  • Never heard of that one. My cramps never went away. They are not as bad, now that I've started menopause.
  • No. Not true. Thing that worked best for me where cramps were concerned was a shot of whiskey.

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