• hahaha, is this Steven Speilburg? ok, it would be something like "Martha Stewert DOES suck blood"
  • Zombie Ambition: At least THEY are looking for brains.
  • The plot would be something about sleep deprived women killing their partners - only for the guys to come back as vicious zombies eating women's arms.. Any title suggestions?.. im not so sure.. (im worried cos im a girl and thats my idea..hmm)
  • "The Zombie That Lacked An Imagination".. And for the plot? Well, I think the title pretty much covers that, don't you think? Just use your imagination..
  • Mr. Zombie goes to Washington. Mr. Zombie would rally all the ghouls in Washington to suck the life out of unsuspecting taxpayers.
  • Zack the Zesty Zombie Zack is often ostracized by his fellow zombies because he is very different. For one thing, he doesn't have that straight-legged walk with outstretched hands, just a normal walk, sometimes even skipping. He doesn't have a blank expression on his face and, recently, he was even caught smiling. Zack's secret ambition is to become a motivational speaker. He understands the draw-backs: pale complexion, day-sleeping, iron poor tired blood, but it is his dream and nothing will stop him. Follow Zack on his zany, zesty quest for greatness as he enlists the help of other outcast friends, Valerie, the Vacationing Vampire who loves sun-bathing, Tray the triumphant troll who loves to give extra points on Answerbag, and of course, a walk-on roll for an old favorite, Caspar the friendly Ghost. With the encouragement of his friends, Zack embarks on the adventure of a post-lifetime with wierd and wacky twists and turns. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ending of this epic film. It's not what you suspect.
  • The title would be, "They Won't Die." The plot would center around the efforts of a small town to rid itself of a scourge of the undead.
  • I would make a comedy. I would call it "Dead and Still Kicking" It would consist of a rock band that were killed in an accident,but there bodies were still in tact. The local gravedigger had the power to create zombies,and brought them to life. They started their band up but started to annoy the neighbors.Each time a neighbor would come they would be transformed into a zombie.Eventuallly at the end of the movie they have a mini-rock concert.
  • "zombies will kill you" the plot, well just take a guess.
  • It would be called "Bag of Zombies". They roam the earth looking for answers to questions that should never have been asked.
  • Zombie Keypunchers Plot: A company posing to be a Question and Answer site creates a devious program that is addictive and eventually sucks the will out of its users turning them in to keyboard pounding zombies. What is their final intension? Will they be saved? What fate has this dastardly website have in store for our unknowing users! Coming to a theater near you. Disclaimer: This site denies any relation to anything living or dead, penalized or downrated.
  • Ninja Zombies A band of ninja monks become zombies and start to ravage towns via kung fu style eating people and what not. Only one man can stop them. Chuck Norris.
  • I would make one called "It's right behind you" In every scene a crazed psycho would hack up a couple cub-scouts and they would come back as zombies trying to exact their revenge. They would come across a girl scout troop in the woods and to avoid a bad joke, we'll just say that a couple of the cub scouts get in trouble for eating brownies. So then they get revenge but he turns into a super zombie and starts attacking new york and the govt is too scared to stop them so they nuke the city. It's a feel good story and a coming of age tale.
  • The Final Day Of Human. The Zombies had new way of infecting people, through breath and its spit which can be spread through air /water system, no one can survive except finally only the hero & heroin left out. They had then detonate nuclear bomb in the Defence Military Building that kill them and all the zombies. No happy ending here.
  • death island
  • I've came up with a plot for a zombie stroy. its about going to a defferent place from your home and you return to your home and everything has changed and everyone is missing abd strange stuff is happening

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