• well you probably wont die, but u will be sick as a motherfucker. this is how it goes, your liver can only process 3,500-5,000 milligrams of Acetaminophen a day, so if you took 13,000 milligrams of it in one day, only 5,000 would get processed and the extra 8,000 will just stay lingering in your stomach the next day, cuz thats happened to me because i took to many hydrocodones, and you wont die, but u will fell rly bad and proabably puke
  • My sister overdosed on Tylenol and alcohol. Ruined her liver, but It took her 2 weeks to die. Her children had to watch her die after their father had already been brutally murdered! It's not just about you. Psychologists say experiencing a suicide in the family is comparable to a concentration camp experience. They are also much more likely to commit suicide themselves. It doesn't end with you.
  • i would forget about overdosing and get some help instead, if you did that you could end up brain damaged instead of dead, not worth it

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