• I'd say the "Atheist = CLEARLY A TERRIBLE GODLESS FIEND" stereotype.
  • the stereotype that atheist have no morals. for some reason Christians think that because we have no "faith" in their God that we have no morals and I know plenty of "christians' who you couldn't pay to do the right thing
  • that all atheists are AGAINST christians or any other religion
  • Those who try to force their own views down other's throats.
  • I think it would have to be, that I want you to save my soul. OK Christians listen up for a second. I've heard you, I've read your 2K year old ghost story, not buying it. Please stop showing up at my house, please stop passing out flyers on Halloween about how my sons soul will burn for wanting to dress up and get candy. Just leave me alone.
  • That atheists believe in God, but choose atheism because they don't want to have to answer to some divine principal with a yardstick. It doesn't make sense to anyone.
  • that we must have no morals...
  • that we have the same morals as criminals, or we cause all problems because we lack gawd
  • That we're evil soulless heathens who should die or not have children or leave the country. It's funny the first fifty times, after that I kind of want to start lighting people on fire.
  • That Atheists are inmoral, baby-killing machines
  • The one that assumes I only became an atheist so I could start rooting women not married to me, stealing anything not nailed down and slitting their kiddie's throats while gleefully shouting "Well there's no god so I must be allowed to!!"...
  • This one right here: I can puke every time I hear that!
  • That atheists are somehow "rebelling against god" or are trying to avoid being held accountable for their "sins". If we're atheists, it's for no other reason than the theists failed to prove their case and demonstrate the existence of their god.
  • That we poison the minds of others and stop people from going to heaven. By our beliefs, there is no heaven so whether or not this is gotten rid of is a matter of whether you mean gotten rid of within our "ranks", in which case it would be nonexistent, or gotten rid of among the societies of the world, in which we are these poisonous, corrupting, evil things.
  • That atheism is a religion. +5
  • that all goths are satanists. nothing else matters to me.
  • There are no atheists in foxholes..perhaps so, but there have been a whole lot of dead Christians in them who died needlessly.

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