• Nope, thats a quick way to get yourself hurt, sad world :-(
  • No way! He'd probably rip my head off! And he probably has rabies! Lol. Or just having a bad trip.
  • Of course I would. A human in pain is a human in pain. Their social status is irrelevant.
  • Hell no! I'd get the hell away from him!
  • I would call 9-1-1 and stay until the paramedics arrived, while trying to contain him to a small area in case he was a danger to himself. If he was indeed feeling terrified, talking to calm him down would probably be an exercise in futility.
  • I would run the other way as fast as my clunky feet would take me. I'd be scared that his brain was being eaten by aliens or some kind of parasitic being... or maybe he was just off his rocker... I think I'd call the cops if it came down to it but I'd be far too scared to calm him down. You never know who's concealing a weapon... Or aliens.
  • I would call 911 immediately, and keep my distance while asking if he was OK. If there's no signs of escalation, I may make a further move. Either way, I'd stick around to ensure he received treatment.
  • If I saw anyone doing that, homeless or not, I'd call 911 for help. I would stay until they arrived, but I would not approach them. Such behavior could indicate severe mental illness or drug abuse. If either of those were the case, they could be extremely dangerous.
  • the problem with society today is exactly this: most people will walk away for several reasons like, 1.why should i be the one to help, some1 else will 2. what if he harms me and so on... we need to stop for a minute and think "what if that was me? what would i want people to do for me?" or how would you feel if ur were in that situtation and ignored. i would for sure see if hes being 911
  • the police would probably fear for their lives and shoot him, if I called nine one one. i would just think he does this everyday at this time, and be on my way. are we in berkeley, california?
  • I would probably make an attempt and then I might call 911.
  • No, I would consider him dangerous and would contact the police. They could get him the mental help he needs.
  • Standing at a distance, cane in hand (I always have cane in hand) I would attempt talking with the man to find out the 'problem'. There are several physical illnesses/conditions that could cause this sort of action/reaction I would ask if he was in pain, if so where the pain was located and a few other questions to gather enough information to know if this is a call for an ambulance only or a call for police and ambulance. Questions to steer away from are 'Are you on Drugs?', 'Do you have a history or mental illness?' These sorts of questions can trigger negative reactions (attacks, violence). Maintaining my distance I would attempt talking the man down, if my talking does no good then I would back up call 911 and request either police and ambulance or ambulance only. I would lay out whatever information I have attained from the man, if I have gotten none I would describe the situation and allow 911 to decide if police are needed. In cases where there is an unknown about the health of the individual police and EMT are sent out. A man on his knees screaming in terror obviously has something wrong and if there is no attacker present, you can rest assured that this is a medical situation and requires EMT at the scene. Being a cripple tends to curry favor with people, even the most hardened drug addict who is violent will think twice before attacking me. I am in a better position to 'talk' to a person in crises since my cane signals to them that I am 'helpless' (yeah, right) and attacking me is not needed. I would advise others who are not visibly handicapped to maintain a distance, call 911 and talk quietly. Carefully observe if talking makes matters worse - if it does shut up and remain there until the ambulance and police (if they are sent) arrive. If uncertain what to say or fearful that anything you will say will trigger the man into attacking, then just call 911, layout what you see and hear and let them send out help.
  • i would call 911 and stay there til help came.
  • i would call the police, he might need to go to the psych ward
  • I would try to get him medical and psychiatric help . Yes I realize psychiatrists are physicians. What I'm saying I'd see he obtained physical and help if he was mentally ill. To be specific I would contact the nearest mental health center. A good percentage of police aren't sufficiently trained to deal with persons who are mentally ill. Sadly many people with serious mental illnesses are not treated. this according to
  • i would probably call the police and let them deal with him, its probably safer that way
  • I'd try to assess the situation. I'd call 911 if necessary. A lot of times when people yell it's because they feel they're not being heard. Sometimes as soon as they realize someone's listening they calm down immediately at least that's been my experience.

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